5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Electronic Earplugs

Earplugs may be small in size, but they have loads of amazing benefits.
5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Electronic Earplugs

Electronic earplugs may be small in size, but they have loads of amazing benefits.

They help us protect our ears from loud noises, but these days, electronic earplugs are introducing a lot of different interests.

Moreover, noise pollution is becoming more of a severe issue, and it is damaging a colossal number of people all over the world.  

Studies have shown that people who are exposed to loud sounds regularly can suffer from hearing loss over time.

The technical term that is used for the phenomenon is NIHL or Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.

According to recent statistics, about four million people in the US suffer from hearing loss, and 25% of them have NIHL.

Therefore, today we are going to tell you about some of the benefits and uses of electronic earbuds that you didn’t know. So, keep reading to learn more.


Electronic earplugs can be used to have a more comfortable flight

If you have ever taken a trip, you’ll know that they can get very uncomfortable, especially if you are travelling in the economy class.

The loud noise of the engine and the cabin pressure can make it very difficult to relax.

I have experienced first-hand how uncomfortable a flight can be if you don’t have earplugs.

A couple of years ago, I was travelling, and I had to take a trip.

I was already sick and had the flu.

When the plane took off, my ears get blocked, and the cabin pressure of the aircraft combined with my sinuses pressure made the flight unbearable.  

My ears did not pop open for the entire flight, which was very uncomfortable, and I had to endure some severe sinuses pain.

The trip made for one of the worst travelling experiences in my life.

After that day I always keep a pair of earplugs with me when I am travelling.

Though you can use ordinary earplugs which keep noises out and help you avoid cabin pressure, I find that electronic earplugs are a better option.

You can listen to music and pick up calls using them as well, and some electronic earplugs also have the opportunity to regulate the volume of the sounds of your surroundings.

Therefore, to avoid an uncomfortable flight, invest in a pair of high-quality electronic earplugs. 


Electronic earbuds are perfect for a hunting trip

5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Electronic Earplugs

Unless you like to hunt with bows and arrows, you will need to have some ear protection while you are hunting.

Whether you are using small calibres like a 22 LR, or a 308.winchester for long shots, you will need to have a pair of earplugs to keep your ears safe.

Though ordinary earplugs can get the job done, electronic earplugs can have some extra benefits.

Firstly, you can use the earplugs to regulate the volume of your electronic earplugs only to block out very loud sounds, so that you can still listen to your environment, while you are protected from the sound of gunshots. 

Secondly, you can connect the earplugs to your walkie talkies so that you can stay in contact with your hunting buddies and avoid getting lost. 

If you like to take your dog with you on your hunting trip, you need to get a pair of earmuffs for them as well.

Since the ears of dogs are significantly more sensitive than humans, they are more likely to get hearing damage because of loud sounds.


Electronic earphones can be used at concerts to protect your ears

Concerts and sports events in massive arenas are entertaining to attend, but the loud noise of the crowd and loud music can have a very adverse effect on our hearing abilities.

These loud noises are especially damaging for kids, and they can lead to problems like noise sensitivity and noise phobia in children.

Furthermore, even if you are an adult, standing close to a speaker at a concert can damage your ears.

The blaring sound of the massive speakers that are used in shows can damage your eardrums, and in severe cases, the accumulative damage to your eardrums can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. 

Noise sensitivity and noise phobia are the two primary disorders that are caused as a result of exposure to loud and annoying sounds.

Though both these issues have similar names and to some extent, the same symptoms as well, in reality, these problems are challenging from each other.

Noise sensitivity is a physical issue, while noise phobia is more a psychological problem.

Furthermore, the diagnosis of these disorders is challenging; therefore, for many people, the only solution is to use earplugs.

Electronic earplugs can help people with noise sensitivity filter out loud and damaging sounds while listening to conversations. 

Therefore, electronic earplugs are quite beneficial, and because of the increasing noise pollution, they have become a necessity for many people. 


Electronic earplugs can help you sleep better

Electronic earplugs can help you sleep better

Sufficient sleep is essential for the proper functioning of our mind and body.

However, sometimes the stress of our jobs and our hectic routines at school make it very difficult for us to sleep properly.

The constant stress and anxiety can cause insomnia, and an environment with a lot of noises doesn’t help either. 

According to experts, an average person should be getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day; however, achieving this goal can be very difficult if you live in a noisy environment. For instance, students living in college dorms have a tough time sleeping properly because of the constant noise. 

Sleep deprivation can have extremely adverse effects on our mental and physical health, according to a study from 2006, insufficient and low-quality sleep can increase the risk of problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, obesity and depression.

Moreover, study 2012 found that sleep deprivation is also linked to an increased risk of inflammation, which is the primary cause of many diseases and disorders.

Therefore, electronic earplugs are essential for people who have trouble sleeping; they can help you filter out the noises in your environment and sleep comfortably.

Though some earplugs aren’t that comfortable, if you get a quality set, with decent ergonomics, you will be able to relax while wearing them without any problem.

Since most electronic earplugs can also be used to play music, you can play some soothing and relaxing sounds, like the sound of waves hitting the shore, or the sound of a waterfall, on them to help you get a very relaxing and comfortable sleep. 


Electronic earplugs are perfect for competition shooting

Whether you are a competition shooter, or you like to go to the range now and then for fun, you need to have some earplugs for hearing protection.

Though ordinary earplugs or earmuffs do the job when you are shooting for leisure, of you are a competition shooter, you need something that is more ergonomic and has some extra features. 

For instance, when competition shooters are doing a run, beeps of the timer blocked along with the sounds of the gunshots if they are using ordinary earplugs.

Electronic earplugs allow them to filter out sounds over a certain decibel level, which makes them able to protect their ears from the gunshots while listening to the timer and any instructions being provided very clearly.

Moreover, if you opt for using earmuffs, they can get in your way while you are shooting rifles.

They are quite hindering, especially when you are shooting long-range, and need to use the check-rest of the gun to get a steady sight picture.

Therefore, a quality pair of ergonomic and comfortable electronic earplugs can be handy for competition shooters, and you can also use them if you want to shoot some guns for fun.

It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting a small 9mm round or a massive 50 Cal, electronic earplugs will keep your ears safe, and they will help you avoid temporary and permanent noise sensitivity.

To sum it all up, noise pollution and working in extremely loud environments can be very detrimental for our mental and physical health.

As we can’t stop this noise effectively, the only option we have is to decrease our exposure to these noises.

However, we can’t just sit inside our homes to avoid noise, can we?

Therefore, using earplugs is a viable solution to this problem.

Though earplugs are effective in blocking sound, they can’t filter certain sounds and let in others.  

Therefore, you can use electronic earplugs which have a lot of innovative features, including the ability to filter sounds of a particular frequency, while letting others in.

Electronic earplugs will allow you to block loud and annoying noises, and you will still be able to hear to the person who is talking next to you.

Moreover, electronic earplugs have a lot more benefits than merely protecting you from noise pollution.

We have mentioned some of these benefits of earplugs, that you probably didn’t know about in this post, and we hope that you find it helpful and informative.

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