The Best Free Online File Converters

It is normal that at some point you have encountered some wayward format that resists being reproduced or opened by your computer, portable player or mobile phone.
The Best Free Online File Converters

With the number of formats available today for documents, compressed files, photographs, videos, and songs, it is normal that at some point you have encountered some wayward format that resists being reproduced or opened by your computer, portable player or mobile phone.


The advantages of converting files online

On the arrival of SSDs, the performance of computers has improved, but on the other side, it also has reduced greatly the storage space available to install other programs.

It happens many times, that your computer does not have the right software installed to convert the file to the right formats.

Luckily, today we have many online and free tools on the internet with which you can easily convert other file formats without installing any additional software or program on your computer.

If you want that file to be available in a specific format, you need a converter.

Looking for the fastest and most accessible solution, we have compiled a list of online file converters for you to use from any browser without problems.


1. offers everything you need to convert: audios, videos, images, documents, e-books and files in general.

To use it, you choose the type of format you want to convert a file to, and upload it or indicate the URL where it is available.

In a short time, you will have the converted file available. You can easily download the converted file into your PC or laptop easily and quickly.

According to us, is one of the best free tools.

There are many advantages to using this tool.

Also, they are accessible from any browser.

They are compatible with a very wide range of file formats and the result is generally very good.

Not only video, but this tool is also able to convert images and even sound files.

This tool is fast, reliable and simple, and allows us to choose between several different formats.


2. CloudConvert

With support for more than 130 different formats, CloudConvert is one of the most recent online file converters.

It is in beta, although its operation is impeccable.

You can choose between one or more files on your hard drive or host on Dropbox or Google Drive.

When you convert them, you have the possibility to send them automatically by email or to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, without having to wait for the conversion to finish.

Another detail in its favour is that it is compatible with mobile browsers, so you can convert files from your smartphone without problems and directly in the cloud.

Among the supported formats, you will find videos, e-books, images, documents, CAD files, and songs.


The Best Free Online File Converters


3. DocsPal

This is another simple tool that allows us to select the file from our computer, as well as the source and destination format.

Using DocsPal tool, you can convert your files online quickly and for free.

It converts any images, audio, documents, video, or archives files.

It mainly offers two functions: file converter and viewer.

In the case of the conversion, you can upload the file or add the URL.

The next step is to choose the original and conversion format, and finally, click on “Convert” or check the option “Send a download link to my email address” to receive the download link of the file when it is converted.

That way you won’t have to wait, although the process is usually relatively fast.

It is also in the Beta phase, but its quality is very good.


4. Zamzar

In the case of Zamzar, you have the possibility to upload up to 100 MB for free and without registration.

If you register, the fee goes up to 200 MB or 400 MB, depending on whether the account is Basic or Pro.

As in the previous online file converters, it is compatible with image formats, sound, documents, videos, and compressed files, among others.

Upon completion of the conversion, you will receive the download link in the email account that you have previously set up.


5. FileMinx

FileMinx is a fantastically very useful web application that offers online file conversion for all types of documents, images, music, and video formats.

The conversion process is the usual one.

You select the file from your computer or from the Internet, the same format, and in a short time, the conversion will take place.

It highlights your system in the form of a step-by-step wizard, which highlights the formats compatible with icons indicating the most popular and available ones.

And as a curiosity, as a background in each section, you will be presented with a drawing of a pin-up girl.

In addition to these services, there are many more online file converters available, some specialized in multimedia formats and others more generic, and such as those we have seen.


Wrap Up

We can hardly tell you which one is better than others because it depends on the format you work with.

In any case, all offer support for standard formats and clearly indicate the steps to follow, with more or less advertising involved.


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