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Besides developing the entire application, it is also very important for the developers to create proper content that can be published on these applications and websites. For instance, the developers must ensure that the website’s content is compatible with the layout display resolution and the illustration capabilities. This isn’t quite an issue when the developers are working on content that has native access to the web application. The story is completely different from publishing the content on 3rd party websites. This is because they must follow the restrictions imposed by the owner of these websites. In such cases, the developers might have to make certain changes to the HTML code of the data. The easiest way is to Strip HTML and implement the changes.

So, with the help of this article, we will take a deep dive into understanding the basic functioning of HTML, the process of stripping HTML code, and the benefits of this process. We will also discuss some of the best online tools that can help developers efficiently complete this process.

Understanding HTML

The abbreviation HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language for creating documents that are meant to be displayed on multiple web browsers. There are various technologies like cascading style sheets that assist HTML codes. Several other scripting programming languages, like JavaScript, also assist in the proper execution and display of HTML text.

During the execution process, the web browsers receive the HTML documents from a specific web browser or any local storage. After this process, the web browsers will render the HTML document into multimedia web pages. It also includes various queues for ensuring the proper appearance of the documentation. The HTML text can also adapt to the changing requirements and rendering engines present in multiple web browsers. With the help of this technology, the developers can ensure that the web application upholds its proper placement.

So, we can easily say that all the HTML blocks and elements act as a building structure for creating a successful HTML page. For the proper execution and enactment of multiple HTML elements, the developers often embedd various interactive forms into the rendered pages. The developers can also use various structural semantics to ensure that the documentation displayed on web applications maintains a symmetrical and structural format.

One of the most unique features of this markup language is that since its introduction, it has quickly gained acceptance from the entire application development market. Therefore, almost all the web browsers and rendering engines available in the present market provide native support for this language. Currently, there are two types of HTML formats. They are SGML-based STML and XML-based HTML.

The Working Process of Strip HTML

To perform its function, the strip HTML uses JavaScript Regex. Using this format, it can remove all the tags from the HTML code and apply them so that it remains in a new line. To perform this process, the developers have to simply copy the HTML code and paste it on their desired tool after clicking the proceed button, the system will automatically remove all the unnecessary formats and logic from the HTML code.

Using this process, the developers can also prevent any unnecessary text or data from being displayed on the website. For instance, it can be an excellent control measure to keep the community data under control. By using strip HTML, the developers can also have a form of regulation on the traffic that is accessing their website or data. This is because, with this function, the developers can prevent the user’s text from being displayed on the official website.

Reasons to Strip HTML

As we already discussed earlier, an excellent example to justify the use of strip HTML is considering a scenario when a user has to publish data on a third-party application. In such cases, the users do not have access to modify the restrictions. So, the only possible way is to comply with these restrictions and change the code or data as and when required. So, with the help of strip HTML, the developers can make changes in the HTML code so that it becomes compliant with the regulations of the host. Web developers and content writers can benefit a lot from the features of strip HTML. This is because, with this tool, they can remove all unnecessary tags, data, and information from the document before finally publishing it on a third-party website.

Strip HTML tools are mainly available in two different formats. They are either available as a standalone tool or as a web application. In such a scenario, we would suggest the developers use the web version as it eliminates the hassle of downloading any software on their system. However, there is another classification that the developers must be aware of. This is because strip HTML tools can either be paid or free to use. The paid version can often be unbearable for new developers who still cannot afford to invest in the business. So, in this article, we will completely focus on the free online strip HTML tools to increase the target audience base.

Best Online Free Tools to Strip HTML

Online tools are one of the best alternatives, especially while considering them from a developer’s point of view. This is because while working with online tools, the developers do not have to invest any extra time in downloading and installing any software on their system. Moreover, online tools eliminate the extra hours that the developers have to invest while setting up contemporary software. However, there are hundreds of such online tools that are available in the present market. It is worth noting that not all of these tools serve the intended purpose. So, we have gone ahead and analyzed the most common names in the market. Based on our research and knowledge, the most popular and reliable names are as follows:

  •   LambdaTest Strip HTML Online Free Tool

LambdaTest is one of the popular names in the world of application development and testing. With the help of its interactive features and efficient tools, LambdaTest has created a positive brand image in the application testing segment. LambdaTest’s Free Online Strip HTML tool comes under the category of LambdaTest online tools. LambdaTest online tools mainly provide various converters, counters, and random data generation tools that help developers during the application testing process. For instance, with the help of random data generation tools, the developers can create random sets of data to understand the user interaction capabilities of a web application. With these datasets, the developers can also understand the traffic handling capacity of a website.

The user interface of the LambdaTest strip HTML tool is devoid of all advertisements and popups. So, this clean UI ensures that the developers can focus on the work at hand and efficiently complete the HTML stripping process. This website also has a mini blog providing all the necessary data about the HTML strip process and its working mechanism. So, this data can massively benefit the developers who are new to this industry and are trying to gain more information.

LambdaTest also ensures data security as they do not store the data after the test execution process. The developers also have additional measures for implementing data security measures. Using the LambdaTest strip HTML tool, the developers can also tidy the code on the way.


This is a straightforward tool. This is because the developers can directly navigate through the simple user interface for stripping their HTML code. However, the simple interface of this website can often act as its major drawback. This is because while using this tool, the developers can only perform the function of stripping HTML. This means that for performing all the other processes related to the application development process, the developers have to access other sources. These practices often end up increasing the complexity of the application development process.

Moreover, the website is filled with multiple advertisements and pop-ups. They can be annoying to the developers as these pop-ups often end up capturing a huge portion of the display. Although the company claims the primary reason for the pop-up is to ensure that the developers can continue to access all the features for free. It also has a beautiful paragraph explaining some of the possible drawbacks of stripping HTML. This article aims at increasing awareness of the fact that no technology is perfect in this world.


This website is almost a one-stop solution for converting all the different types of data formats that the developers will be using during the application development process. First up it also provides various interactive features for simplifying the process of testing a web application. One of the most interactive features of this website is that it has a sitemap that guides new users through all the basic features available on it. It is completely free to use, and the developers can use all the services without paying any charges. However, one of the drawbacks of this website is that it has multiple ads and pop-ups to ensure that all the services are available for free.

The user interface of this website is very simple and easy to navigate through. All the conversion processes happen in real-time to ensure that the developers can see through the process. The website also provides some basic information related to the stripping process. It also has various high-quality illustrations demonstrating the process of stripping HTML code. These illustrations also show that the developer’s before and after results in the stripping process. Thus, it helps to massively improve the understanding of the developers regarding the benefits and uses of stripping HTML code.

The Final Verdict!

So we can easily say that the procedure to strip HTML code is one of the most important processes for ensuring the proper execution of documentation and web pages. The developers must ensure that they use the proper tool or platform for this process. On the other hand, web application development companies also have a critical role in ensuring the proper implementation of these processes.

As we are slowly progressing towards a market that will be completely dominated by automation testing, this is one of the most important processes. Lastly, the developers must remember that while working with online tools, the safety and privacy of their data are one of the most important concerns. So, the development and testing teams must provide proper awareness of this factor.

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