Get The Best Experience of Music on Your Mac

Mac machines are known for great features, amazing sound quality is one of them. Its volume and overall sound settings are easy to use functions that help to give more control of this device. But if you are still struggling with how you manage iTunes on your favorite device. Here we have simple easy ways to improve your audio track listening experience. 

  • Turn off Pop-up Volumes


Every mac user is aware of the sound that pops up when you press any keys on the keyboard. Most of the users do not like the same sound and want to try something new. If you are one of those, then go to Menu Bar and select volume control then go to sound preference. Alternatively, you can go to apple logo > system preference> sound. Under the interface sound effects option, tick on “play feedback when the volume is changed” 

There is another temporary way to stop pop up the volume from sound, just press the long Shift key while pressing the volume adjustment keys, it will mute the pop-up messages. 

  • Better volume adjustments


When you need to adjust the volume on Mac, most users follow the short route of using a keyboard adjuster. This is a great way, but it restricts the volume adjustment to 16 settings only. If you reduce to 17 means you are setting Mac at the mute level. There is another way to reach your sound level. Just go to apple settings > sound preference. Here you can quickly adjust the mac sound. You can choose from quarter to full volume considering between different levels. Notably, most of the users use Option-Shift to control screen brightness. 

  • Audio Input Selection


If you have the visible volume on the icon bar, use it for selecting audio outputs. This feature is specially used when you are using multiple peripheral devices and accessories and what’s to define which is to be used for sound. Keep in mind, when you change the device setting your audio quality will also get changed. If you hold down while clicking the volume, it will remove the volume control slider, and move to the top. 

  • Delete Duplicate Songs 


For a smooth music experience, it is essential to delete duplicate songs from the system. These songs can be downloaded twice when you just double click the songs, or the same song was released by different artists on various occasions. All these allow duplicate folders in your system. Therefore, you can read this article to know the best ways to delete duplicate songs in your Mac’s iTunes & Music app. Keep in mind, deleting files serves you with a smooth music experience and helps to create interesting playlists. 

Bottom Line


Hope the above information helps you to give the best experience while enjoying music on mac. Remember, do not forget to turn off the pop volume, as it can be a big distraction while working on Mac. Choose the better volume adjuster to adjust system volume either from the keyboard or with tools. Audio input helps to give command over volume tools. Lastly, deleting unwanted files results in soothing your experience while listening to music.

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