Github Launches Github India

Github launches the Indian version of the company as Github India Private Limited.
Github launches Github India

Namaste! Congratulations! Github launches the Indian version of the company as Github India Private Limited.

Yes, I am talking about the same Github which was once Blocked by the Indian Government in the year 2014.

Internet usage saw a bump in India after the launch of Reliance Jio’s free 4G schemes, following which India became the second-largest Internet consumer in the world after China.


Taking the Lead

Maneesh Sharma will be taking the lead of the newly formed private limited company.

Github believes that this move will make it stay closer to the Indian developer’s community, which is estimated to have between 30%-40% of Github’s userbase (not the official figures).

Github’s userbase has grown from 34 million users to 40 million users this year.

Which is a staggering 22% growth.


The in-famous GUI

Github’s latest GUI is one of the major reasons it is growing at a hypersonic pace.

New developers are finding it easier to learn the version control system through a Graphical interface than through a command line prompt or an SSH terminal.

Here is a glimpse of the Github’s GUI.

Github's GUI

Other than being there for the open-source community, Github also caters to some major giants in the country like Swiggy and ArisGlobal.

Through most of the developers in India who are not well versed in Github, still consider it as a server hosting company than a version control system.

Github team aims to make the next-gen aspiring developers and students dependent to the version control system, be it Github or any other because it will add up many skills to the students which the elder generation of Indian coding community still misses a bit, which is building codes in teams and organizing files.


Jobs and Internships

If you would like to add any valuable thoughts about this topic, do visit our community and share your thoughts on this.

If you are an aspiring coder, you can find internships at many companies around the country which can help you add a major prerequisite before starting a career, that is, a version control system.

You can also follow their twitter handle to stay updated about vacancies and opportunities @GitHubIndia.


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