How Technology saved Business Industry from Pandemic

This pandemic changed many things in the business industry; it restricted the in-office work and made the employees sit at home. And in these times of pandemic, technology came like a superhero to save the declining growth of the business industry; because no work was able to do by sitting at home, it offered mediums through which business started resuming their work from home through different platforms like video conferencing apps, team management apps and service delivering apps. 


And due to the pandemic, many big companies started doing their work online; all other small-scale companies also adopted digitalization in this process. As nearly all companies shifted online to do their operations and many businesses have to stop their operation in the pandemic, the customers also shifted to online to get done their work. 

This pandemic pushed every person to a more digital era in which for every single work they started depending on the Technology as it was the only safe way to keep us away from the COVID-19, which was spreading at a tremendous rate. 

The software that helped the businesses continue their operations were from many different organizations. The apps that helped manage the teams and meetings between employees and heads were Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx to name a few.

As the pandemic affected a wide range of markets, businesses started using different software, and one of them was Assent Compliance’s Software, which was preferred by many Fortune 500 manufactures. In the times of COVID-19, Assent’s location data about suppliers possessed by them helped the business to change their logistics-related strategies by comparing with the COVID-19 map to get some insights on which region the COVID-19 has hit hard and does their supplier are in that area; if yes then they would change their strategy to avoid supply disruptions by avoiding the red zone areas.

Vantiq, a software creation platform, was used in public places to monitor assets and people through cameras, sensors, and other inputs; that includes apps to detect body heat and fevers, to see the signs of infection so that they can react to it to stop it from spreading.

When the COVID-19 was spreading very fast, Pegasystems (Pega) launched an app to track the spread of the COVID-19 virus among the organization’s employees and to stop the spread and continue the business without interruption. The app used to take self-report data of the employees on their health status and automatically issue guidance after assessing the risk to those affected, their colleagues, and their supervisor in the organization. It helped a lot of organizations to stop the spread of viruses to continue the business.

The apps that helped in team management and the meeting between employees and heads are:


Zoom Meetings is one of the most used apps in these pandemic times; it helps people connect virtually and share information, works without any physical contact, and allows users to start meetings, take and receive phone calls, and virtually collaborate with content sharing and annotation. It also syncs with users’ calendars, status, meeting settings, and phones. Because of this feature of zoom, it was possible to get things done on time.

And it’s not at all many other apps helped in meetings and Team Management among which Microsoft Teams is one of them, it helped it made easy for the business and students as well to interact and manage their work with team/work management features. 

And in the huge list of apps supporting businesses to operate and manage work Cisco WebEx is also one of the apps that helped meet and manage work. Because of its feature of recording the meetings in the chat, it was very used and popular because of it.

 These were the apps and software that helped businesses operate and manage teams and their work for day-to-day purposes. These are probably the only reasons for the business industry’s survival in even the times of pandemic.

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