How To Gain Followers On Instagram Fast

When it comes to social media, most influencers and brands only have one mission: gain followers. Of course, content is important and creating new and compelling videos, images, and text posts should be at the forefront of every social media strategy. However, social media fame crucially involves amassing as many followers as possible. After all, who’s going to consume the content you create if you don’t have any followers? That’s why it’s important to get as many followers as possible as quickly as possible, and nowhere is this more true than on Instagram. Here’s how you can gain Instagram followers fast.


Post good content

Rule number 1 of all social media is to post great content. As we said earlier, content is the cornerstone of everything you do on social media. All the followers, likes, and engagement in the world won’t do you any favors if it’s all built around a shaky core. As such, it’s important to make sure everything you’re posting on Instagram is high-quality. Think about every post before you upload it. What are you trying to say or communicate with this post? Is there any way you could communicate it better with edits or text? Always be on the lookout for ways to hone and improve your craft.


Don’t be afraid to look for help

If your goal is to amass Instagram followers as quickly as possible, then you might consider external help. There are lots of services out there that will help you get free Instagram followers and likes, and these services will curate your following to make sure it’s free of bots or fake accounts, too. By building up a following, you’re making sure that your content never goes unseen or unheard. It’s well-known that many brands and businesses won’t work with influencers that don’t cross a certain follower count threshold. While this may feel unfair, there are ways to level the playing field, such as the companies we’ve mentioned above.


Collab with other users

Collaboration is the life and soul of Instagram. It’s extremely important to reach out to other users that are operating within similar niches to you in order to establish a network and build your follower base organically. The nature of the collaboration could take many forms. You could create a joint product review, for example, or an extended comedy skit featuring you and your collaborative partner. Make sure to work out beforehand what form the collaboration will take, and try to involve both partners equally so that it’s a true joint effort.


Post often and consistently

What differentiates popular Instagram users from amateurs and unknowns is largely content schedule and consistency. You should be posting Instagram content at least once a day if you want to gain followers quickly. The more content you provide for your followers, the more you’ll attract. Of course, this doesn’t mean the quality of your content should be any worse. This is the great balancing act of Instagram popularity: making sure your content is consistently great, posting it regularly, and making sure to keep a schedule so you’re posting at the right times as well.


Follow current events and post about them

You’re more likely to pick up Instagram followers quickly if you’re always on current trends and posting about them. This means checking the trending hashtags on Instagram regularly. We don’t just mean current events as in things that are happening in the news; rather, we’re referring to things that are currently popular on the Instagram platform. That could be news, but it could also be a particular trend or piece of content that’s picking up momentum. If you can align your content with what’s going on at any given time on Instagram, you’ll get followers much more quickly.


Be individual

Creating and adhering to your own style is pretty much the golden rule of any visually-focused social media platform, but it’s especially true of Instagram. This means building up an aesthetic you can call your own, then sticking to it when you’re posting your content. Of course, nobody is entirely unique; everyone has overlaps and things they share with others, so don’t work too hard to make sure you’re completely individual. However, if you’re consciously and deliberately cribbing off another Instagram user’s style, it’ll be obvious, and you won’t build a following.


Ask followers for engagement

Don’t ever be ashamed to ask your followers to engage with your content. You’ll organically attract more followers if your content is constantly asking them for their input. You could, for example, ask about the outcome of an upcoming sporting event, or ask your followers what their favorite type of product is in a certain area. Whatever you ask, participation always makes people feel more favorably towards you, and it’s definitely a good way to increase your follower count. If your followers feel valued, they’ll pass that feeling of value on to new followers.


Don’t forget other platforms

Different social media platforms have different demographic focuses. For example, Instagram has a totally different demographic to TikTok. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to cross-promote your content across different platforms, as there’s a good chance many of your Facebook or TikTok followers may not even be aware you have an Instagram profile. Leveraging the power of other social media platforms also has the knock-on effect that Instagram followers may discover your presence on Facebook or Twitter, for example, leading to a net follower gain all around! 



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