How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Router and Protect Your Home 

In today’s era, the router is an essential part of every home. It controls almost every device, even the appliances can now be operated through wi-fi. So the security of our router is also very important because if anyone would hack our router, then he/she can easily know our activities, control them, and possibly invade our house because nowadays, everyone is digitally connected through AI to control everything from a single panel or voice. And as everything is connected to a single device, it’s possible that it can be hacked and manipulated by hackers or even your neighbors who want to invade our privacy. 

To do so, we have some ways to reduce the chances of our router being hacked and compromised.

Frequently change Passwords 


It is very important to change the passwords of routers or any other devices or accounts because it is possible that your password is compromised, and you are not aware that the person might be stealing your private information. And the other benefit of changing passwords frequently is that you will easily remember all the passwords, and there will be no chance of forgetting passwords.

Limit access 

Limiting access to the passwords is also one of the ways to secure your home; if there will be less access, then it will be very easy for you to know who is accessing and avoid leakage of data. It will be difficult for hackers or intruders to hack into the system and steal the information or modify any things compromising our privacy.

Changing Device name 

Frequently changing the names of the device can also confuse the hackers or intrudes in confusing which device they have to hack because it generally happens that all the manufacturers who make the routers usually keep the same SSID for all devices, and it is easy for hackers to hack those devices because of the similar patterns in the devices’ administrative ID and passwords. 

Keeping the firmware up to date 


Routers run on software that is low-level and are also known as firmware, and if our firmware is up to date, then it will be very difficult for someone to hack into the system and access our network. This will protect our privacy as well, and the router will be completely updated all the time. 

Network Encryption 

Network Encryption is the one thing that people can do to protect their networks, as using WPA2 is the trend that everyone uses to protect their networks. It encrypts all our data and converts it into encrypted packs locked with a random key and then sent over networks to reach its destination. Their key can only decrypt that pack, and due to this, sometimes it is very difficult to hack the networks. 

Overriding Remote access 

Some routers can only be accessed with the device connected with, and some can remotely be accessed to another device. By revoking the access of that routers, it will be very difficult for the hackers or intruders to access the networks as most hackers use remote access to hack the networks. 



A firewall is one extra layer of protection that we can use in our routers to protect it more because hackers hack the routers easily without any efforts, but if there will be an extra layer of protection, it will protect both your privacy and routers. The firewall comes in software and hardware, and mostly there is an in-built firewall in routers, but if you want more protection, you can opt for an additional firewall that will protect it for a longer time.

So these were some of the ways through which you can protect your router and your home privacy as in this digital era, everything can be hacked, and each and everything is connected. These simple steps protect your personal data and reduce the chances of a breach. 

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