How Your Business Can Improve Open Enrollment Engagement

COVID-19 and its accompanying restrictions have posed some unique challenges to the business world. Remote work becoming the standard has created countless amounts of obstacles for every employee, specifically HR professionals attempting to navigate each employees’ benefits. 

A premier example of this is the anxiety caused by the pandemic. With every employee thinking about how to remain safe, not much thought is being put into how they should leverage their health benefits. Despite this, employers are responsible for developing a way to keep employees in the know regarding complex information concerning their benefits. Except now it’s forced to be done digitally. 

Rather than struggling to deliver these benefits accordingly, businesses can instead work alongside experienced business process outsourcing providers. These providers offer solutions specifically tailored to increase employee engagement throughout the open enrollment period for their health benefits. 


Technologically Advanced Approach

Adapting to the new normal that COVID-19 has ushered in for businesses requires some advanced tactics. In-hand literature such as brochures are no longer effective, nor are in-person meetings to detail health plans or their benefits. Remote work requires a remote solution and that comes in the form of an open enrollment process that utilizes unique technology and accompanying guidance from experts to take care of employees. 

The first step is digital immersions, where employees will become educated on their healthcare options through digital documents. After some time with the materials, a virtual event will be hosted to inform employees about the enrollment steps to come. 

Following this, a microsite is a great way to reinforce the information found in the digital documents distributed to employees. Once enrollment is open, employees should flood in and complete their enrollment. When necessary, having live experts available can simplify the process if an employee is struggling. 

BPO services are certainly the most sound way to ensure employees get the most out of their healthcare plans. Conduent has been an industry leader in BPO services for some time, improving countless organizations’ open enrollment and other processes. For more information on how HR departments can improve employee engagement in the open enrollment process, be sure to review the resource accompanying this post. 

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