List of apps college students might need!

Student apps

College students need help to manage their stressful life. Deadlines, projects, assignments make your life tough. The availability of the internet has made things a bit easier, for example, you can buy assignment online

Here is the list of apps that any student college can download on their phones and organize things. Each app will support both android and iOS systems.


  • My study life:

Are you looking for something that can remind you of your task daily? Then, this app is definitely for you. My study life app will help in making a proper list of things to do on time. You can save your upcoming projects and deadline in the calendars. “Todoist” is also a similar app with additional features in it.

  • Brain. FM:

This app has several features like music, meditation, and focus. Each section will help you to achieve your goal. For example, listening to soft music will you to sleep better and relax. 

  • Scanbot:

Scanbot is the easiest way to scan your documents perfectly. It captures all small details without any blurring effects. As you can have this app on your smartphone so this will make it easier for you to use anytime, anywhere.

  • Couchsurfing:

Student life is not only about studying, but also to have fun and go on an adventure with friends. This app will have you to manage and book the flight at your ease. You only have to make a profile on it and have a flight at a reasonable price. 

  • Mint app:

Mint is a money-saving app that a student can easily use to monitor the progress of how much money they are saving and spending. With this app, it is easy to manage and make a proper budget within range. Another app for money is the “Betterment app”. This app will tell you to invest your money in the right product. 

  • Trello:

Having a group project is sometimes problematic, not for the leader, but everyone. This app will help you to keep record track of people in your group. Each person will submit his/her work and you will be immediately notified. 

  • Dashlane:

Dashlane is a highly recommended app that will save you from remembering the long password of each account. Save your passwords in it without any worry, and let the magic happen. You will be hassle-free from setting the password of a new account and dashlane will help you in making a new one. This app is safe to use. 

  • 7-minute workout: 

Exercising is the key to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also good for students because having a light workout will improve your mood swings and refresh your mind. It is for the students who are looking for a short time to work out. You can at least take out 7 minutes to exercise.

  • Habatica:

Every time you develop a habit, you can’t stick to it. Either you start making excuses not to follow it, or you find difficulty in maintaining it. But, now habatica app will solve your problem. You can track your habits on that app daily and keep a check on your progress. 

  •  Meetup:

Many people don’t have time to make plans with their friends because of their busiest schedule. For that, Meetup is a good recommendation. You can make plans with your friends in your area. It suggests events in your area that help you to meet people with similar interests.  


The smartphone is fast becoming the campus organizer and the future of studying. But unlike your run-of-the-mill planner, there’s bound to be many more options for hundreds of add-ons, from mobile apps for college students to studying from any location, anytime. From the library to the dorms, the apps for students can help organize every aspect of their live. 

Another common use for these apps for college students is time management. With so many classes and studies to handle throughout the day, many find themselves working quickly, late at night or early in the morning, only to find they don’t know what to do with the time they have. Some apps will help with workload planning by showing students what tasks they’ve already accomplished and how much free time they still have. Others can help with prioritizing tasks, which means it’s no longer just a matter of dividing up the work between the different classes or concentrating on a project when it’s too much for one class to handle.

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