Technology Used in Live Gaming

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Technology Used in Live Gaming

Ever wondered how a live casino works? Or what kind of technology is used in live gaming?

Live casinos are relatively a new form of gambling that represent the action that takes place in a traditional casino. 

However, live casinos give the player the freedom to place their wager from their humble abode while giving the chance to win more money. 

Contrary to the belief, live casinos and normal casinos both have the same payback percentages. 

Reliable live casinos use popular software such as Play’n GO slots, Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Amaya Gaming, Playtech, etc. 

What makes this form of gambling so exciting is that the games are played in real-time and include a dealer making it a very realistic experience. 


Key Components 


Gambling without dealers is quite impossible.

Every real-life movement and action of a real dealer is tracked by a smart card and the same is used in live casinos.

This helps players feel like they’re actually gambling in a casino (and not online). 



The presence of the wheel depends on the type of game offered to the players by a casino.

Casinos partner up with major manufacturers of casino configuration so the wheels have a great software interface.


Technology That Helps in Keeping it Professional and Fair

Technology Used in Live Gaming

The most important element to make the live streaming successful is clarity and eliminating delays.

With the use of modern technology, these sites ensure that all games are fair and no “fixing” can take place. 

For instance, Game Control Units are attached to every table that’s used in live casinos.

Apart from this, monitors and cameras are installed so that both the dealer and players can clearly monitor the game. 

To top it all, casinos have now started using OCR i.e. Optical Camera Recognition that helps in capturing all the activities that take place during a live stream right from the spinning of wheels to the shuffling of cards. 


The Gaming Process

Every game is played differently.

For instance, you might play a live Blackjack game or let’s say, Roulette. 

To begin with, the dealer will be filmed.

This will then be transformed by the software in a format that is compatible with live streaming so that it can be shown to the player via the server.

Players are requested to place their bets. At this point, the dealer may ask some questions/information.

The players will continue to place their bets and this will again, be processed by the software.

Once done, a “no more bets” announcement will be made and it will display on the player’s screen via the server. In simpler words, no more bets will be placed now and therefore, the bettong buttons will turn inactive. 

The dealer will now spin the wheel and the result will be seen by the available cameras.

Players will see the results in a few seconds and the winner will be declared and displayed on the screens of all the players. 

Players can continue playing by repeating the above-mentioned steps. 


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