Maximizing Your Instagram Page



Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Grieger in 2010. The iOS version was released first. Followed by the Android version a couple of years later. For use in Fire OS and Windows 10, Instagram, also known as IG and Insta, was released in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Facebook owns the photo and video sharing social network. You can post in private mode or public mode and have your users like your posts. You can only post pictures or videos, and you can also post longer videos in IG Stories. IG Stories are long-format videos that allow your followers to watch longer videos. All photo posts have the provision to have captions.

Many younger users use IG to get memes and funny content. What pops out of your feed content is what you follow. Instagram uses an aggregated system set by conditions of what you usually follow to give you more similar content. For many, Instagram is a good chat app. You can chat with your friends on it and send them photos, memes, and videos that you like.

Instagram does not allow users to post links in its captions. You are only authorized to post one link under your profile photo. However, there are many apps out there, such as Linktree, which allow you to create links. In these apps, there is usually a webpage that contains essential links to the content and resources that you want to feature. These are all your choice of featured content. These services can help you make landing pages to use in your IG bios. Other apps, in addition to Linktree, are ContactinBio and BuildYourOwn. However, Linktree remains the most popular and widely used. These apps have various interfaces, but all have the same function and purpose; that is, to put a focus on posts that users want to focus on or magnify for their followers. These are nifty and useful apps.


More Facts About Instagram

In the beginning, Instagram only allowed framed square content to be posted. This is because it followed the measurements of the iPhone. At the time, users could not post multiple images or videos in a single post. IG Stories also did not exist. These features were added over the years and developed with time. Nowadays, you can also shop on Instagram, among many other things. You can click on a posted image with a price on it and be led to the page where it is being sold. This is especially useful for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Instagram Influencers

For many, besides showing off on your posts or posting what you like, the goal is to get as many followers as you can. Some celebrities have an unspoken competition in regards to this. Cristiano Ronaldo, @cristiano, is currently the most followed person on IG. He has 241 million followers from around the globe. The Kardashians and Jenner sisters have a combined following of 752 million people. Ariana Grande holds the title of number 2, with a following of 204 million. The Rock, an actor and professional wrestler has a total following of 201 million. This number of followers per person shows the popularity of Instagram in the world today. Although not as widely used as Facebook, it is the second leading social media platform.




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