4 Ways To Utilize Your Old Electronic Gadgets (Instead of Trashing Them)

We all have old electronic gadgets that we do not use anymore.

Either they keep lying in some corner in the house, or we throw them out like trash.

Unfortunately, throwing away old electronic and electrical gadgets is not just being environmentally-unfriendly; they also pose a security risk in terms of the data on the gadget.

Unless you know how to wipe the storage clean, there will be data that will remain and can be retrieved.  


What Should you do with your E-waste?

4 Ways To Utilize Your Old Electronic Gadgets (Instead of Trashing Them)

The safest way in terms of security and the surest way in terms of being environment-friendly is recycling your E-waste.

You need to find a recycler of repute and can meet the standards laid down for recycling.

E-waste recycling companies take all the steps required to ensure that your data is wiped clean from the device.

You can check out the various services provided at CJDECycling.com and speak to them about your security concerns.

If the E-waste belongs to your business, you will require documentation from the recycling company stating all the steps that they took to recycle the device without exposing any data. 

There are a few other steps that you can take to dispose of your old devices.  


1. Donate Your Old Devices

Some organizations will take your old devices, refurbish them and give them to those who need them but cannot afford to get a new one.

Alternatively, you could scout around for schools that require old electronic devices like computers, monitors, etc but do not have the funds to buy them.

Donating your old devices could make a huge difference to somebody’s life. Remember the old saying, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.


2. Return and Exchange Programs

4 Ways To Utilize Your Old Electronic Gadgets (Instead of Trashing Them)

Many manufacturers offer recycling programs and/or exchange programs where on the purchase of a new device, they will take back the old one.

Depending on the device, its age and condition, most companies will refurbish and resell the device.

In case the device cannot be refurbished, they send it to a recycling center. 


3. Up-cycle the Device

Taking something old or broken and turning it into something else is up-cycling.

Making a picture frame from an old window frame is a perfect example of up-cycling.

You could use your old device to make a retro décor piece or turn an old monitor into a picture frame.

Parts taken out of the device should, however, be recycled and not trashed.


4. Resell Your Old Device

4 Ways To Utilize Your Old Electronic Gadgets (Instead of Trashing Them)

There are a lot of people who buy old electronics.

Repair centers use them for spare parts that they can salvage from it.

Others refurbish and resell them at a discount.

Advertising in your local newspaper or at a resale website should find you a buyer for the old device.

However, ensure that your data is wiped clean from the device before you part with it.


The Bottom Line

There are many ways to dispose of your old electronic gadgets and electrical appliances.

Become a concerned and responsible global citizen by either up-cycling or recycling your E-waste.

If we cannot create a better world for our children, we should at least not make it worse.


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