How are Online Cash Games in India Keeping Folks Mentally Active?

Online cash games are trending in India.
How are Online Cash Games in India Keeping Folks Mentally Active?

Online cash games in India are the trend during this nationwide quarantine and as the country moves forward with the 2nd phase lockdown, the spike in online gaming is further going to reach its peak in terms of user acquisition and engagement.

Let’s take a look at one of the easiest yet lucrative online cash games in India that is breaking records and how people are accruing huge benefits just sitting within the four walls of their locked up homes.

Enter online rummy. A century-old traditional skill card game that has now taken roots in online gaming with novel features and offerings aimed to keep rummy fans hooked to the online tables round the clock. 


What’s up Online Rummy?

Online cash games in India are breeding in number in and multi-player card games like online rummy are a favourite these days among the younger generation that also qualifies as family-friendly games just like Uno.

What’s more interesting in games like online rummy is the dive towards new adventures, tournaments, rising cut-throat competition and the race to win bigger rewards during this quarantine spell.

So, let’s take a look at some of the features of online rummy that can cheer you up amidst the prolonged lockdown span.


1. Online Cash Rummy Games

Online cash rummy games are the quickest and the surest thing that can help an average player get maximum bang for his buck.

They are fast-paced, quick to start with the option to leave the game whenever you feel like.

They also serve as the ideal transition for free gamers where you can level up and play among a varied pool of players than can include your average Joe to an absolute pro. 


2. Freeroll Online Rummy Tournaments

Freeroll rummy tournaments are quite popular among online rummy fans who like to test the tournament waters free of cost.

They usually come with no entry fees and as such, you will see a lot of new players in such tournaments.

Leading rummy sites offer incentives like rewards and cash prizes for top performers that have made this format even more popular. 


3. Play Money Games

Play Money Games

Play money games are basically practice games that are aimed to educate new players about rules and features of online rummy before they transition to cash games.

The format is similar to cash rummy games but instead of real cash, players are allotted virtual chips to play online rummy.


4. High-Value Tournaments

Quite popular among rummy veterans and pros, high-value tournaments are the real deal wherein you can play for monster stakes that go as high as 6 figures on trending rummy sites in India.

As more and more traditional players join the online rummy realm, these tournaments are resonating with public demand.

The quarantine season has the potential to generate more proactive tournament players due to the involved stakes for sure. 

Just an hour or two of brainstorming, and you bring home some good old money. 


5. Rummy Variants

We are looking for more choices every day.

Online rummy gives you that at a stone’s throw distance.

Rummy sites in India typically feature games and tournaments based on the 13 Card Indian rummy game and have introduced three exciting variants for players: Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.

These variants are offering exciting alternatives to players for a dynamic gaming experience.

They also come with different game structures and prize pool formation making the game more interesting than ever.

All this and much more treat await rummy players on online rummy portals today.


RummyBaazi: An Online Rummy Portal Celebrates 1st Birthday with Special Offers

An online rummy site has been in news and sharing lots of rewards every day of the week to rummy players since its inception in April 2019. Known as RummyBaazi (RB), the gaming site recently completed one full year of service and as such, has released some exciting tournaments and daily bonus offers to celebrate their birthday bash together with their rummy fans.

If you have come this far in this blog, we have surely piqued your interest in online rummy.

So, it’s time to reveal some of the birthday goodies offered by RummyBaazi this month and for you to enjoy the lot.


How are Online Cash Games in India Keeping Folks Mentally Active?


1. Daily Bonus Offers

RB has launched bonus offers with unique deposit codes on all daily deposits you make on RummyBaazi app wherein you can get free tournament tickets and instant bonus up to 40% on your deposits every day of the week, thus, giving you a solid reason to log in daily and play cash rummy games on RB.


2. 1LAC Sunday Special

Talk about high-value tournaments, here’s one that you can play every Sunday at 8 PM on the RB app for a buy-in of just INR 1000 or through a straight-up deposit of INR 2500 using rummy promo code, ”SunLakhpati”.

This is an incredible opportunity that lets you max your investment up to 100x times and get tones of money back to your account solely through your skills!


3. Five 5K Free Entry Tournaments

New players, this has got to be your jam where you can receive tournament exposure for free and also earn substantial real money up to 20000 every day of the week.

That amounts to a total monthly prize pool of 600000!

Now, that’s a whopper deal.


Quarantine food for thoughts

These are unprecedented times for all of us, so our efforts need to follow suit without giving in to the discouraging reality.

The fact is we all carve our own reality, good or bad, why not take this free time to self-reflect, stay mentally perky, inspire our friends and family and achieve some new feats together this summer of 2020.

Stay fit and keep killing it! 

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