Relieve Yourself from the Mundane Lockdown Days with Online Poker Cash Games

Online cash games in India have been doing a great job by uplifting the mood of people countrywide as well as offering them rewards in both cash and kind.
Relieve Yourself from the Mundane Lockdown Days with Online Poker Cash Games

The extended lockdown has raised questions on survival for some, and the search for supplementary income sources for many others.

In the wake of this global economic crisis, online cash games in India have been doing a great job by uplifting the mood of people countrywide as well as offering them rewards in both cash and kind.

Online poker has been a key player in this gamut giving quarantined folks legit reasons to try this skill game today.

A highly profitable skill game, poker is a unique skill game that has yet to grasp the majority of the Indian gaming community.

Unlike other card games like Indian rummy, solitaire and Uno, poker is still new to the Indian gaming world and demands a lot of practice and mastering of specific skill-set like Mathematics and Strategically Analysis, it secures top spot in terms of rewards and real money winnings.

So, if there’s one skill-based card game you have the time to learn today and win real money, online poker shall seal the deal right away.


Features that Make Online Poker Cash Games a Win-Win

Online poker is the perfect fusion of intellect and intuition and when you ace them both, the rewards could be overwhelming.

The same reason why this skill game is ranked very high in the category of online cash games in India and the world. 

Online portals in the wake of the lockdown have upped the stakes with new game variants, attractive rewards and cash prizes to widen the online poker community in India.

They have also launched free online cash winning poker games and tournaments in India to spread the love and lift the spirits of the gaming community. 

Let’s get to know this most popular format of poker online cash games in India today.


1. No Start/Finish Time

The best feature of online cash games of poker is that they generally run round the clock and you can join a table, play a few hands, win real cash and leave whenever you need to catch a break.

This feature especially bodes well for players when they are having a bad day at the tables.

It also works well for new players who need to take it easy, one game at a time, unlike tournaments where you must grind for hours!


2. Unlimited Stakes

Online cash games of poker on trending Indian poker portals feature a whole variety of stakes.

You can play them for as low as INR 10-15 and go as high as you want as you improve your game and win unlimited quick money on good days.

Simply pick a table that suits your bankroll and get started.


3. Static Blind Levels

Unlike tournaments, online cash games of poker feature static blind levels, which means if a particular cash table has 1/2 small blind and big blind, they will stay the same throughout the game.

Moreover, you can play cash games immediately by joining a table of your choice, win as many chips you can and cash them in for real money usually within 24 hours on reputed platforms.

These are the basic upsides of online cash games of poker in India.

They are fast, do not keep you waiting and happen to be excellent means of doubling your money in the shortest span of time!


Play Online Cash Games on PokerBaazi


Play Online Cash Games on PokerBaazi for Buy-ins Starting at INR 10

Let’s get you acquainted with one of India’s leading online poker platforms, PokerBaazi (PB).

Operating under the parent company, Baazi Games since 2014, PokerBaazi has been hosting skill-centric online cash games of poker 24*7 on its portal.

It also features free online cash winning games in India, also known as free entry tournaments where you can win real money according to your position in the Leaderboard.

Let’s categorize these offerings for an easier understanding.


1. Online Cash Games 24*7

The lockdown period has seen a visible uptick of 15-20% of new players on PokerBaazi.

It definitely works well for professional poker players who are looking to make serious money notwithstanding the fun of course! On the contrary, cash players can find unlimited online cash games of poker of different stakes on the app lobby and get started with buy-ins as low as INR 10!


2. Free Entry Tournaments (FETs)

FETs are another splendid opportunity for new players to learn the ropes of poker for free and also win real money at once!

They are hosted every 30 minutes round the clock where players stand to win from a monthly prize pool of 25LAC!

You can use these real cash bonus to play online poker cash games on PokerBaazi.

So, if you don’t wish to dive in straight to the cash tables, the FETs are your entry point.


3. Baazi Loyalty Rewards Program

This is PokerBaazi’s way of rewarding all cash players whether you win or lose!

Simply play online cash games of any poker variant and earn Reward Points on each game.

These Reward Points can help you claim some awesome rewards from the Baazi treasure chest. 

Winnings feature the likes of supercars, two-wheelers like Royal Enfield, international holiday trips, trending gadgets and smartphones such as iPhone 11 Pro, PS4 and real cash prizes worth up to 3LAC!


Final Thoughts:

This amount of free time shall never be back and before we get busy with our daily 9 to 5 lives, try this skill game and venture into a parallel gaming universe to relieve yourselves from the mundane quarantine spell.

So, learn the basic rules of online poker to get gaming today and claim unlimited winnings on the portal of your choice.

All the best!


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