Online Poker Real Money Games: What’s the Catch?

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Online Poker Real Money Games What’s the Catch

The COVID-19 lockdown is estimated to have a long term impact on all business and operations worldwide.

However, there are a few online sectors that are continually seeing an uptick in user engagement.

As we all know, a large chunk of these are primarily online entertainment platforms like Netflix and Hotstar, however, gaming portals like online poker are a close second that’s busy acquiring new users every day.

Folks who are usually happily playing such games with friends or for the fact, a larger chunk who weren’t even aware of the existence of skill games like online poker are seen to have found their way to gaming apps and portals during the lockdown

An important quotient that makes online poker dominant among online skill games is the aspect of huge real money winnings.

A great respite during these uncertain times when salary cuts and job losses are on the rise, playing online poker for real money seems to make sense.

Let’s find out how online poker is serving the interest and needs of online gamers during this unprecedented pandemic. 


How to Make Profit Playing Poker Online?

Gaming industries are solely dependent on people’s availability and bandwidth to carry on as many tasks in a day.

The ongoing lockdown has stretched these free hours to almost an indefinite period of time allowing online skill games like poker to swoop in and take flight among new users rapidly. 

We have a few solid reasons to believe how online poker real money games can be a game-changer during the long-running pandemic. 


A Skill Game like No Other

The rise of the online poker community primarily owes credit to the very core nature of the game that’s fascinating on many levels.

Poker is a skill-based mind sport that demands dexterity on certain skills like Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, Patience and Reverse Psychology.

Proper application of this set of skills overrules the aspect of luck in poker making it a challenging game like no other. 

Poker pros often reiterate the fact that application of poker skills in other aspects of life can significantly contribute to overall success in life.


A Parallel Source of Income

As more and more gaming platforms spring up in India, the opportunities to play online poker for real money have grown significantly and as such, poker apps have introduced stellar online poker tournaments and games with incredible guarantees to compete with one another for brand awareness and increased revenue. 

The lockdown has further upped the ante for online poker portals to make the most of this time by offering the best games with never seen prize pools and releasing attractive promotions and bonus offers to help players win more money and rewards during these testing times.

As such, poker players are going all-in with their skills and passions to churn maximum value during those long free hours.

It is also a great time for new players to learn this game and work on their skills and start building their bankroll from zero. 


Launch Your Poker Career

Online Poker Real Money Games What’s the Catch

If any of your folks are considering expanding your interests and have a thriving and glamorous hobby turned full-time career, online poker could just be the silver bullet for you provided you are willing to work it.

Yes, it ain’t called a skill game for no reason. 

If you have played a few cash games with your friends or enjoyed free online games for fun, why not notch it up and take this spare time to study poker and strengthen your game.

Hands down, going the extra mile to learn few poker tools, study a book or two and working on your leaks shall change your outlook towards the game altogether and further motivate you to climb the ladder of competition and launch your poker career for good.


Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Online poker games are a great source to divert yourself from the pandemic stress and alleviate anxiety.

Keeping your minds supercharged by doing something productive and goal-oriented can be highly motivating and help you keep a distance from negative thoughts.

The more you excel in skill games like real money online poker, the sense of achievement tends to push you towards even greater goals. 


Online Poker Tournaments featuring a wide range of stakes

We came across one of India’s leading online poker rooms, PokerBaazi (PB), that has gone to great lengths during the lockdown by launching several highly appetizing tournaments and real money online poker games to offer more price for your performance on the felts of the PB app.

Here is a list of few excellent real money online poker games where especially new players can contest their skills and win handsome money.


Low Stakes Poker tournaments

PokerBaazi Bankroll Builder Series (PBBS)

Hosted online every 4th Monday of the month, PBBS is an excellent start off series for those planning to launch their poker for minimum investment.

A weeklong treat full of exciting tournaments with new game formats, great 6 figure prize pools and additional leaderboard prizes, this is the go-to online poker series that you can play for incredible buy-ins ranging between INR 15-500!


Daily 75K Guaranteed

A Daily treat that rolls in 6 days of the week at 8:30 PM primetime on PokerBaazi app.

Gettable prize pools for enticing buy-ins worth INR 100 plus with a re-entry option in case you get eliminated, this one should make it to the top of your list if you want to pump some adrenaline during lazy evenings at home. 

Besides this low stakes tourneys, regular players can find unlimited action on the app lobby every hour of the day with tournaments and games featuring different variants all lined up just a click away!


Locking up!

Such opportunities don’t come knocking twice neither will this precious time home that we have always craved at some point of our robotic lives.

We say you make it count and dial-up some action with online poker real money games, spread the word and bring some change in your routine for good!

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