Rare Tricks to Beat the Competition at 13 Card Online Rummy Games

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Rare Tricks to Beat the Competition at 13 Card Online Rummy Games

Since the lockdown has kept us inside our homes for a seemingly indefinite period of time, those of you who are hitting the tables of online rummy games, it’s time to level up your gaming strategy and increase your real money winnings now that we have the time to do so. 

The popularity of online rummy games have amplified during the lockdown, so it is obvious to witness a steep rise in competition as many professional players are hell-bent on collecting the big bucks by contesting their skills in the biggest rummy tournaments hosted during this period.

So, if you are worried, your skills aren’t good enough to crack this level of competition, we suggest you browse through these rare tips to double your chances on how to win online rummy games easily. 


How to Double Your Win Rate in Online Rummy?

Online Rummy sites are brimming with stellar rummy tournaments almost on a daily basis to offer maximum action, excitement and definitely bigger guarantees during the lockdown as people devote more of their time and skills to explore the world of online rummy games.

New players who have otherwise known rummy as a traditional home game are equally flocking in great numbers to discover and try the novel features of online rummy games.

This mass movement calls for some rare tips that you must apply to beat this massive mountain of competition.

So, without further ado, let’s go get them.


Track your Opponents

It is the foremost rummy strategy if you wish to outwit your opponents by staying one step ahead of them in spite of all odds.

This can be done by keeping a close eye on what cards your opponents are picking and making sure you don’t throw any of your cards that can fill the missing pieces in their combinations.  

Tracking your opponents can help you in many more ways to make things simpler when you are planning on how to win rummy games online.

For instance, you can plan your own scheme of discarding cards that are next to the ones thrown by your opponents as they would be of no use to them. 


Aim to Form a Pure Sequence First

Those of you who have been playing online rummy games for a while now must know the importance of forming a pure sequence.

You can’t declare your cards unless you have a pure sequence, so make that a priority. 

Once you have one, you have the advantage to freely make random decisions and use tricks depending on the cards you receive on each turn.

It also minimizes the chances of getting a bigger penalty score in the leaderboard, something you should highly consider when you play rummy online for real money.


Discard Identical Cards Right Away

Identical cards are of absolutely no use in 13 card rummy games, they neither fit in a set nor any kind of sequences.

Plus, they might just add up to your total score when you play rummy online for real money.

So, be attentive when forming combinations as identical cards can be confusing to look at, so discard them immediately.


Use the High-Value Cards Wisely

It is a common rummy strategy to throw away high-value cards first in order to avoid tallying high on the scoreboard.

However, you can use this rummy strategy when applied by your opponents to form quick combinations of your own.

Do not throw away your high-value cards right away.

Wait for ideally two rounds and see if anyone disposes of their high-value cards. 

Pick them right away to fit into your missing pieces in your rummy game.

If you do not receive any such cards from your opponents or from the close deck in the 1st two rounds, you may discard them immediately to stay on the safe zone.


Use the Joker Wisely

Rare Tricks to Beat the Competition at 13 Card Online Rummy Games

When one wonders how to win rummy games using the joker, a common tendency of new players is that they get too excited if they receive a joker and use it real quick and without careful thoughts to form any sequence or set possible.

A better rummy strategy when using your wild card is to form a bigger sequence with it. 

For instance, if you have 4,5,7 and 8, use the joker to substitute for 6 to form a wider sequence and reduce your redundant cards automatically.

If you have more than one joker, use them to form an even bigger sequence and finish off the game quickly.

These are some excellent set of rummy strategies that often go unnoticed by even professional rummy players sometimes.

If you are hesitant to try them when playing online rummy for real money, test them in free games and see how it works.

If you are ready to shoot right away, then simply go all-in with your new-found rummy skills!

So, now that you know how to win online rummy games, let’s find a portal where you can test these tricks and double your win rate today.

We did our research and we narrowed down a bunch of value-driven online rummy tournaments running on an online rummy room that’s on a rewarding spree this month. 

Enter RummyBaazi (RB), claimed to be India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site. 


Rummy Tournaments worth 6 figures running every week on RummyBaazi

A relatively newer branch of the parent organization, Baazi Games, RummyBaazi has been upping the ante every month by launching mega guarantee rummy tournaments and releasing instant bonuses and premium rewards on online rummy cash games.

So, if you wish to not double but triple your winnings during the lockdown, this is your go-to destination.

We say you check these tourneys to hit the tables and max your winnings!


1LAC Sunday Special

This one rolls out every Sunday at 8 PM to offer you a bigger bang for your buck every week at prime time.

A rare opportunity that players can partake for a buy-in of just 1000 and max it up to 100x times simply through their rummy game skills and no added extras. 


30K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll

Free yourself from your daily chores because this Daily Freeroll can turn your life around with some major winnings every single day!

A perfect daily playground where you can use the discussed rummy strategy to outsmart your opponents and claim the biggest share from this prize pool every day at 9 PM for a token buy-in of just INR 300 through deposit code, “Daily30K”.

For more such awesome value-driven tournaments and cash rummy games, visit the RummyBaazi official website and download the RB app to get started instantly!


Wrapping Up

As we said earlier, the lockdown period is all about doubling your win rates and multiplying your earnings with your skills and tricks on online rummy games.

So, what’s the wait?

Play rummy online for real money and start building your rummy fortune today!

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