Best PDF Editing Software For Business

With a plethora of PDF editing software floating around the internet, it can be quite confusing to know which is the best for your business.
Best PDF Editing Software For Business

With a plethora of PDF editing software floating around the internet, it can be quite confusing to know which one will suit the needs of a company or different individuals.

Here are the top three editors used by businesses around the world.


1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat has been the ruling editor for over two decades. But it can be very pricey for small business and individuals. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro offers three different programs that people use for various purposes.

The first would be Acrobat DC, and this can be used to perform multiple editing functions on a PDF file either on a computer or a mobile device.

The second program is Document Cloud, and it offers users the ability to create and export PDF files, which they can store safely on the cloud and access through other devices.

The last program is the Acrobat Reader DC, and this will allow users to view PDF files, print them, and also sign them. 

The Adobe Acrobat has a very easy-to-use interface. Users have quick access to their recent files, see the PDFs sent for reviewing or signatures, and view stored data on Adobe Document Cloud or in any third-party software.


2. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an up and coming PDF editing software. Any business can use it, as it has an abundance of features to offer.

According to every individual’s or business’ needs, Soda PDF gives a quote on the pricing and package. It also offers a free 30-day trial that can be used to try out all the fantastic features.

This software allows users to edit images and text, split pages, convert other formats to PDF files, compare different documents side-by-side, sign without the need for printing, and track the sent packages.

It also offers advanced security. Soda PDF also has a unique feature that allows users to view their documents in 3D. Aside from the fantastic features, the company also provides excellent customer service through email and live chat.

Soda PDF offers everything an enterprise or individual needs. It has a straightforward layout that is easy-to-use.

It uses OCR technology to allow users to read and edit their scanned documents.

The reason why many people are using Soda PDF is that it offers everything other software do, and some extra features, at a ridiculously low price.


3. PDF Architect 6 Professional

PDF Architect has many extensive features for its users. It offers different packages that can be used according to an individual’s needs.

The PDF Architect Standard allows users to change fonts and text formatting when editing their documents.

Users can also convert PDF files to doc and xlsx formats. The PDF Architect Pro package has all the features from the Standard package and allows signing, securing, adding notes, and comparing documents.

It also lets users create their PDF documents from different ready-to-use templates.

The best and most expensive package is the PDF Architect Pro + OCR. It has all the features that the company has to offer. 

The software offers a very easy to navigate platform in a ribbon style. The first 12 ribbons contain the necessary editing tools, and users can add as many more as they require.

It is great software, but the best features are in the more expensive packages.


4. Signaturely

If you need software that allows you easy access to documents, review and signing, Signaturely is the right tool for you. It allows you to skip the in-person meetings and get the documents signed fast and easy. Signaturely tells you which documents are signed, unsigned or pending so you can avoid roadblocks, it also reduces your time spent on paper admin to zero. What’s more, you’ll always have a legal backup for all your documents and in case you’re interested to integrate it with other software you’re already using (why change what’s already working), you can easily do it.


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