Personal Website: What it is and Why you need one

A personal website is a site completely dedicated to one person.
Personal Website What It Is and Why You Need One

A personal website is a site completely dedicated to one person.

Unlike a blog or an online CV, it has more than just abstracts with personal information or some list of working experience.

The personal website contains fundamental information about a website owner, it is more like an online autobiography. 

But why does a person need a life story to go online? The reasons may be different, as well as the benefits.

So let’s take a closer look at the motivation and peculiarities of personal websites. 


Elements of a Personal Website

About page

This can be either a formal autobiography or an informal engaging story.

Decide what tone of voice is suitable for you, what style conveys your message better, and go with it. 



This is the CV/resume part, where you tell the world about your career path.

There are also two ways to do this.

You can list every job you had. If the list is too long, stick with the most impressive positions and achievements. 



Personal Website What It Is and Why You Need One

Not only writers, designers, and photographers can create a portfolio, but teachers as well.

They can publish the scripts of school activities, lesson plans, articles they wrote for other media, etc.



Don’t put your address or phone if you don’t want people to bother you.

Links to personal pages in social networks aren’t a must either.

An email and a contact form will be enough, though you should put all the contacts you consider relevant. 



A personal site can have a blog. Put it at the end, why not. If you have some ideas to share – do it. 


Why Personal Website Is Useful

There are several reasons why people consider starting a personal website. Here are the five most common.

#1. Easy promotion online. Those who want to sell their services or reach a wide audience with their message get a useful online toolkit – SEO, advanced marketing opportunities, new sales channels, etc. 

#2. Everything in one place. With the personal website there is no need to send a CV, links to your portfolio and blog every time someone asks for them. You risk to miss something or make a mistake every time you assemble this “that’s is me” kit.

#3. Easy to update. There is hardly a person who hasn’t applied for a vacancy with the wrong version of CV. With a personal website, there is no need to keep track of the document history. 

#4. Impressive introduction. Sending a partner/employer link to a website or simply providing an opportunity to find you online will impress those people more than a CV. It also shows that you are devoted to what you do.

#5. Shows that you keep up with digital trends. Not all jobs require advanced web skills but they are certainly a huge advantage and an opportunity to stand out. 


Who Needs a Personal Website

Anyone may need a personal website. A person who understands the importance of online presence, the one who doesn’t like updating a CV all the time, someone who wants to showcase design skills – user audience is not limited.

Following groups are the most often users of personal websites (but they are not the only ones):

  • freelancers
  • writers
  • photographers
  • designers
  • bloggers
  • teachers
  • influencers
  • consulting agents.


How to Create a Personal Website

Use a website builder – WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or Weblium. Unlike a classic old-fashioned “make-it-from-scratch” approach, a website builder requires less time, expenses, and expertise.

Anyone can create a website on their own. No special skills or knowledge are required for this. 

Let’s take, for instance, Weblium. It has an intuitive interface and a wide selection of helpful SEO and marketing tools.

There are also over 200 ready-to-use templates waiting for you to edit and over 500 ready blocks to create additional pages if a template lacks something.

There is even an AI design supervisor that keeps track of edits and helps to optimize website design so it will be attractive for users. 

And the best thing: creating a personal website is completely free and will take a couple of hours at most.

Taking into account all the benefits, you just cannot ignore such an opportunity.  

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