Popular Free Database Management System Software of 2021

Have you ever thought about what happens, if your data is not organized properly? Businesses are required to store a lot of information and data about their employees, costs, customers, clients, suppliers, etc. Unorganized collection of data can create difficulty for companies to grow their businesses, as the relevant data is not available at the required time. So, database management systems come into the picture to erase this difficulty.

A database system allows you to create, store, and easily control your data. The most essential element is the easy accessibility of data. With an efficient system, businesses can create, update, retrieve, manipulate data efficiently in a database by applying queries. 

There are various benefits of a Database management System such as businesses can avoid data repetition, ensure accuracy of data, security, and a feature of data backup and recovery in case the data is lost. 

Below is some free Database Management System software of 2021 with their new features to organize data effectively. 

Microsoft SQL server

Microsoft SQL Server was developed by Microsoft in the year 1989. It is a relational database management system. It is written in the C, C++ programming language. Operating systems supported by SQL Server are Linux, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server supports structured query language. The biggest advantage of this is that it is a free and easy to use tool, meaning every beginner can operate it with a little training. 



It is an open-source relational database management system. It was created by a Swedish company. It is written in C and C++ language. The platform supported by MySQL is Linux, Windows, Mac. The latest version of MySQL is version 8. 


MySQL provides flexibility and scalability, meaning you can update your data frequently as well as it can handle large amounts of data. It also gives high-speed data processing so that no time is wasted. The high performance of MySQL makes it a preferred choice by people. 


PostgreSQL is a powerful, advanced database. It is released under PostgreSQL License. PostgreSQL works well in business intelligence applications. The implementation language is C. It supports languages such as C, C++, PL/Python, PL/R, PL/Perl, etc.                   

It is the most advanced open-source database, making it perfect for high-level data processing. It reduces costs and provides scalability, reliability, and security.



Oracle database is developed by oracle corporation. It is written in C, C++, and assembly language. Oracle is a multi-model relational database management system, and it is specifically designed for data warehousing and enterprise grid computing. Oracle supports SQL(structured query language).

It consumes less storage and reduces CPU time to process data. It is secured, scalable provides high availability as compared to other databases. It also provides backup and recovery features.



Cassandra is commonly referred to as Apache Cassandra. Cassandra is a free and open-source database management system. It is written in the Java programming language and it is developed by Apache Software Foundation. It supports a NoSQL database. Cassandra is designed to manage a huge amount of data across many servers.

Cassandra is highly scalable. It has no chances of failure. It helps you to replicate the data to other data centres and hold multiple copies to several locations.



MongoDB is an open-source tool. It is a document-oriented database. It is developed by MongoDB Inc. and implementation is done by C++, JavaScript, Go, Python. It can deal with an enormous amount of data with high performance.

It is free to use and can execute a large amount of data concurrently. It provides high scalability which is not an easy process in the relational database management system.



It is an open-source, relational database management system. It is written in C language. SQLite is a database that is serverless, zero-configuration means you do not need to configure, you can use it without configuring and installing it. 

It is very lightweight as compared to other database management systems. It is fast and easy to use. It is portable, reliable, and accessible effortlessly. 



MariaDB is an open-source database and community-based project. It is written in C, C++, Perl. Bash It is a vast replacement of MySQL. It is developed by original developers of MySQL. It provides some operations and commands which are unavailable in MySQL. 

MariaDB offers high scalability, real-time database access to users. It can work on different operating systems and supports a variety of programming languages. It is faster as compared to MySQL.



It is an open-source NoSQL database developed by the Apache software foundation. It is coded in the Erlang programming language. It is powerful to query your data. Data is stored in a document-based structure so does not need to worry about data.

It has the feature of efficient error handling. CouchDB also offers fast indexing and retrieval of data. It provides an ease of syncing with another database.

Choice of the database management system, however, greatly depends on the type of data to store, as well as the volume of data. Therefore, making careful consideration before adopting a system is required from the user. 


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