Process Mapping Time-Saving Tips In Microsoft Visio

There is no denying the fact that Microsoft Visio is a very useful tool capable of offering immense functionality. However, this in itself is sometimes a huge drawback. Business process maps are meant to make sure that processes are being carried out in a proper and consistent manner by all employees. 

There are practically no limits that exist when using BPMN Visio process maps. This is why it is very important to tame everything. What is crucial at the end of the day is to enable uniformity and consistency all throughout the organization. How do you do that?

Implement Visio Process Mapping Keyboard Shortcuts

People that used software like AutoCad in the past know how useful keyboard shortcuts can be. And the great thing about Microsoft Visio is that you can actually use several different shortcuts. All of them can make the process so much faster. All the time that you gain can be dedicated to better testing and making modifications that will surely be needed in the future. 

As an example, you can use CTRL + N to create new process maps. CTRL + Shift + left click will zoom in. Editing text is done when you press F2. 

By taking the time to familiarize yourself with all the shortcuts you can use and even use personal bindings you gain much more functionality and speed. 

Easier Mapping With Ribbon Customization

Customize the ribbon to make everything easier. This can be done in many different ways. However, this is the case only in the event that you know exactly where to look. 

In order to add a new tool to the ribbon, look for a clear space. Then, press right click. Choose Customize the Ribbon. You just discovered several hidden features that will make your work so much easier in the future. 

Select Choose Commands From. A drop-down box will appear and you select the section named “Commands Not in the Ribbon”. Here you get to see absolutely all Visio features, those that are not included as default inside the ribbon. 

A great example of a tool you will want to use is Connect Shapes. Follow the mentioned steps to add it to the ribbon. Then, to use the tool, drop shapes on the page. Use CTRL to select as many shapes as you want. Do it in the desired order, the one in which you want the connection to happen. After, just click on Connect Shapes. 

Use Triaster’s Process Navigator

This is a tool that helps you create business process maps faster. It will sit on Visio and offer boundaries that you should work within. You gain a stencil, properties file, and template that all authors will then use. This guarantees the consistency needed for all the process maps the team creates. 

Final Thoughts

There are always new things that you can learn when it comes to using Microsoft Visio. The advice offered above will surely speed up the creation process but you can make everything even faster when you customize the software you use. Just make sure all team members are aware of what needs to be respected during creation. 


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