Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Video Marketing? 

In this pandemic time, almost every business is leveraging the opportunity through the digital media, especially websites and social media. Due to the competitive environment, marketers are unable to keep their brand out of the crowd irrespective of employing different marketing strategies. Well! That’s where video marketing comes into picture. 

According to the statistics, 85% of businesses use videos and consider it as an effective marketing strategy. The good thing is that there are numerous video production companies in the market that can help you generate quality content without breaking the banks. 

Indeed, videos are a versatile tool for marketing and sales. It not only helps organizations drive traffic to websites, but also helps them in converting visitors into leads and then into promoters. Moreover, it also allows marketers to qualify and prioritize quality leads. 

Irrespective of the size of your organizations, videos can be a blessing for all. If you are still not convinced in adding videos into your marketing strategy for small business, then don’t miss to look out for these reasons.

Reasons Why organizations need videos in their marketing Strategy 

Let’s begin.. 

Videos Create An Emotional Bond 

One thing about customers you need to understand is that they get more attracted towards the content which they can relate to their personal lives. Video marketing statistics suggest that around 33% of the viewers will stop watching a video if it is not engaging enough and does not connect with them emotionally. The more the number of viewers you have, the more is the conversion rate. 

So, if you want to see your business flourishing with a higher conversion rate, then you need to use videos that place an emotional impact on the viewers. And the good news is that animated explainer videos are the best way to strike a sensitive balance with the customers. 

You just need to evaluate your target audience and the services you wish to offer to them. Once you get done with this and start creating animated videos, you will be able to build a strong bond with your audience, which will ultimately result in increasing your conversion rate. 

Entertaining and Versatile 

Nowadays everything has gone digital, but organizations still find it challenging to capture leads via email and escalate the conversion rate. To get over this issue, you may use animated videos on various social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To be precise, there are around 75 million people actively using these social media sites. 

Uploading animated videos on social platforms is a great way to boost the conversion rate since these are highly entertaining and versatile, and people love watching them. These not only result in attracting and retaining the viewers but also help in upgrading the conversion rate of your website. 

Easy Explanation of the Product 

Marketers know it very well that viewers understand the information regarding a product or a service more quickly by watching a video as compared to the written text. The use of both sound and motion makes it easy for the viewers to learn the concept effectively and retain the same. 

The fact that videos make it easy for the viewers to understand and retain the information, leading to increased conversion rate relies on the fact that better understanding of the idea results in more viewer engagement and lesser bounce rate. 

Besides increasing the conversion rate of the business, animated videos come with the added advantage of getting easily blended with other techniques too. So, you may take advantage of visual effects to communicate with your target audience and make them understand the idea/concept easily. 

Improves SEO 

Do you know that the organizations using video marketing strategy will be able to grab at least 82% of the internet traffic? So, if you are a growing business and are looking forward to making your place in the market, then using animated videos might help you by increasing the click rate of your website and upgrading the sales, which will ultimately help in improving your website’s search engine ranking. 

It is also seen that people spend more time on pages with videos as compared to blogs. So, using videos on your website and other platforms will help you in every way to increase the worth of your business and SEO as well. 

Videos Have Grown More Than Ever

Animated videos have grown more in terms of their online presence. Have a look at these facts:

  • 400 full hours of videos are uploaded every minute 
  • Every month people spend 6 billion hours watching videos on Youtube.
  • Out of the total world’s population, at least 78% watches at least one video in a week 

Videos currently make around 50% of the online mobile traffic, and with technology advancing so much, the numbers will continue to rise. 

Videos build Trust 

No matter whether you are planning for a startup, or running a large organization, trust is the backbone of your business. Once marketers are able to build trust with their target audience, then it becomes really easy to capture leads. Now, it’s the time to let people come to your brand and make the decision. And it can be done only through videos.

Videos have the power to build long term relationships by showcasing the interesting and useful information in an appealing way. Visual content will likely engage more audiences and ignite the emotions without putting much effort. 

Always remember, once people start trusting your brand, then the chances to avail services/products increases. As it is being analyzed that 57% of the clients get more confidence in purchasing the product online after watching the video. 

Videos increase ROI & Conversions

Last but not the least reason for adding videos in the marketing strategy is ROI and Conversions. Many marketers think that outsourcing videos can be costly, but its returns are worth it. In comparison to other marketing strategies, videos have a promising ROI and help in conversions.

As per the statistics, organizations that have incorporated product video on their landing pages found 80% improvement in their conversions. This is all because marketers can create videos and showcase their product irrespective of the category. Thus, if you want your message to be transmitted directly to the human brain, then you should surely add visuals like animated characters in your marketing strategy. 

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Wrapping it Up 

When it comes to pulling more audience and taking your business to new heights, digital marketing plays an essential role. Various organizations use different strategies to do the same, but the video is one common strategy which everyone likes to use. Well, the reason is already known to you now (in the points as mentioned above). 

So, if you wish to multiply customer retention and capture more leads, then animated explainer videos might help you at best. 

Also, if you are not a new-bee in the field and know more ways in which animated explainer videos help in boosting the conversion rate of a business, then feel free to share in the comment section below. 


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