Reasons why social media will never replace coordinated email marketing

Perhaps more than any other technology, the advent of social media transformed all aspects of the online world and helped raise the bar in terms of what we’ve come to expect from web-based services. From Facebook to YouTube and Twitter, social platforms have changed all areas of modern life – though it could also be argued, they have influenced the world of marketing, advertising and public relations more than any sector. 

Where once traditional media companies held a monopoly over the type and amount of media we could consume, social platforms have democratized publishing and, in essence, turned every one of us into budding broadcasters, capable of reaching a global audience. 

Social media has also brought about the demise of newspapers, magazines, TV companies and other long-established media outlets as businesses increasingly have chosen to move away in their droves from these traditional, expensive advertising outlets favoring instead to embrace the power of self-publishing. 


How email marketing still holds the communication crown

However, while it’s undoubtedly true that social channels have increased the reach of and ability for companies to extend into new markets, the platforms still can’t compete with the potential of email marketing – and below are just a few reasons why. 


Email marketing is highly personalized

With social media, your firm may be able to broadcast to a wider audience – but only posting a generic, standardized message that contains zero personalization and one that’s immediately recognizable as being targeted to the many rather than the few. With email marketing, you can change the subject, content and internal links based upon your user demographics rather than just sending a one-for-all message. 


Email marketing builds credibility, trust and helps clients know you care

Bottom line: people and firms do business with companies they trust. Sure, your social ranking is important but nothing is more personal and helps build credibility more than a targeted communication from a firm (even if the communication is, in many cases, generated largely by software). Addressing clients by name and showing them products they’re interested in shows that your firm has taken the time to tailor your content directly to your customers. Using apps like those produced by Rocketseed Software allows you to tailor everything from your opening email banner to your close-out signature, helping affirm your company in the minds of the recipient and establishing your brand.


With email marketing, you’re in control of who sees what you send

Social media uses complex algorithms to show users content that their systems think will be of interest. When you consider the average Facebook user has 338 friends (not to mention all the other pages they might have signed up to), there’s every chance your post and message could end up getting lost among the glut of other content that these software systems automatically sift through. Email marketing is the only medium that puts humans in direct control of the content they receive. 


People check email more than you think

Research shows 91% of consumers check their email daily – if not more. While many of us can go days without looking at our social feeds, therefore, email remains a prerequisite for all. 


Email traffic is easier to generate and track

Facebook made following a page deliberately easy. However, if a user signs up to your email newsletter, it shows commitment and interest on their part – to the point they parted with their email address. Moreover, it’s also easier to set up multiple links in a marketing email so you can see which parts of your post are of most interest to your subscribers – plus, it’s also simpler to track user movements through your pages from your links. 


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