Recovery of deleted photos from any storage devices?

Photos can help us keep our memories. Images allow us to travel back in time to memorable moments in our life. Losing such images is like losing something important in our lives. Digitally saved photographs can be lost for a variety of reasons, such as corruption, drive formatting, and unintentional deletion.

What is Photo Recovery?

Pictures can be removed from a memory card in several ways. I’ve already created a list of programs that can help with erased photo recovery on memory cards. Whether you accidentally deleted photographs from the card, reset the card in the camera, they just disappeared, or there was a problem with the memory card that led it to become corrupted, there is a good chance that anything may be recovered.

Of course, this may not always hold. The damage to the card could be so severe that all of the data is corrupt. Or possibly you kept taking pictures and adding them to the old folders. But it’s worth a shot. In these circumstances, photo recovery software comes in handy and helps you recover your erased photos.

There are both free and paid options. Sadly, while free options like Photo Recovery may be incredibly popular, they frequently have usability issues. So if you’re looking for something user-friendly, you’ll probably be considered one of the paid options. Many of them have a trial function that lets you scan to see exactly what can be recovered before you pay for a full license to use the recovery process. Some higher-quality memory cards also come with a license for photo recovery software.

I’ll focus on Stellar Photo Recovery, one of the most popular and approachable solutions, in this section. 

What is Stellar Photo Recovery?

Stellar Photo Recovery offers a range of solutions for recovering and repairing data and corrupted files. The two most important programs for retrieving images from a memory card are their well known Data Recovery and Photo Recovery software. Both are available for Windows and Mac. I’m focusing on the Photo Recovery software at this time. They work similarly. The key difference is that only media data—in this case, pictures, audio files, and videos—can be restored. It is less expensive than the more comprehensive version, which allows recovery of a much larger variety of file types, notwithstanding that restriction.

The Basics of Stellar Photo Recovery

As soon as you start a new photo recovery operation, it will look for any attached storage devices, including memory cards, USB sticks, and hard drives. For this example, I’m using an SD card that has been upgraded in-camera. When I try to see the photos on the camera or my computer, the cards come up as blank. They were thus taken from the camera. 

Further Settings

Before performing a scan, you can restrict your search to specific file extensions or a portion of the media. Simply click the Advanced Settings button in the source selection panel’s lower right corner to get started.

The primary characteristics/Benefits of the Photo Recovery – Stellar Photo Recovery Software are:

  • Recovery from all storage devices

In certain cases, we have found that our SD card was damaged or corrupted, resulting in the loss of all the media files and images stored on it. In these circumstances, Stellar currently provides a unique piece of software called Photo Recovery – Professional that can save our lives. Any corrupted or damaged SD card, including mini, micro, SDHC, and SDXC, can be recovered with the software, including deleted media files and lost photos. Most importantly, the software works with a variety of storage devices, including USB flash drives, memory sticks, pen drives, SSD cards, P2 cards, multimedia cards, XQD memory cards, and many more.

  • Recovers deleted pictures and repairs damaged pictures

Unintentionally deleting media files and photos from SD cards without ever uploading them is common. Using the Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software, such destroyed photos can be recovered from all types of storage media.

  • Supports each of the typical camera file formats

Since we are experienced photographers, we frequently shoot in RAW. Even though we’ve seen data recovery programs that can recover deleted photos in JPEG formats, this is the first time we’re looking at software that can also recover images from RAW files. Yes, Stellar Photo Recovery – A professional application that supports all popular camera file types.

  • Retrieves pictures and videos from encrypted drives

Even from BitLocker-encrypted discs or partitions, the expert software Stellar Photo Recovery is capable of recovering destroyed photos, videos, and audio files.

  • Carries out a deep scan

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software can perform a thorough drive check to locate every single lost or deleted photo. It also can recover images from discs with corrupted sectors.

  • Effectively uses a storage capacity of 18 TB

Images from CDs and other storage-capable media cannot typically be recovered by recovery programs. But with the aid of specialized programs like Stellar Photo Recovery, it is possible to retrieve data from CDs up to a maximum capacity of 6 TB.

  • Retrieves data while preserving the original time and date

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional tool enables file recovery utilizing the original timestamp, camera model/name, resolution, or file name. This makes separating crucial information from a huge number of meaningless photographs easy and convenient.

  • Incorrect image thumbnails to be extracted

The expert software Stellar Photo Recovery supports thumbnail restoration for photo file formats. The repaired picture comes with its accompanying thumbnail.

  • View the updated pictures

Several preview settings are supported by the Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software. Finding the files that need to be saved is made easier by these swiftly sorted scan results.

  • Determines the state of the storage device

The storage device SMART information provided by the Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software displays the device’s temperature and overall health. This helps in taking a timely backup if the equipment is going to fail.

  • Easy-to-use

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software’s graphical user interface is easy to use and fairly self-explanatory. When we used it for the first time, we were able to grasp the steps to take without any help. It is entirely reasonable.

  • Assures speedy healing

The Stellar Photo Recovery – Professional software makes it simpler, quicker, and better to recover deleted photos, videos, and music files. It recovers data more frequently than other data recovery programs available on the market. Additionally, the software displays an anticipated recovery time while scanning is being done.

  • Offers in-lab treatment

Due to our previous interactions, we are aware of this fact concerning Stellar. If you are not tech-savvy and are worried about if your photographs, videos, or audio information will be retrieved, you may just mail your disc drive to Stellar’s Lab. The data care specialists would be happy to respond and provide you with the scan results.


It’s possible that not everyone can recover the same things. If you accidentally deleted images or formatted the card, it’s generally relatively simple to fix depending on the specific media and the specifics of what went wrong. If the card had physical defects, was seriously damaged, or was tainted in any way, there would probably be a bigger problem. Even if you can’t recover everything, it’s still worthwhile to attempt because you might be able to restore part of the card’s data.

So several options for file recovery know are mentioned, and many of them are geared toward media assets. For its purposes, Lexar rebranded one of the most established ones, Stellar Photo Recovery. As far as I can tell, it works well. Like other file recovery programs, there is no guarantee that it will be able to retrieve your pictures. I’ve occasionally had trouble finding things. But I’ve found that in regular use, they can restore files more often than not. Although free software is available that can accomplish the same aim in a less user-friendly manner, Stellar Photo Recovery’s user interface is straightforward and efficient even though it is not the most economical alternative. Additionally, it’s a helpful feature to be able to narrow down your search to a particular file extension or disc region so you can scan the results fast.

Before diving in and buying a license, I’d suggest running a scan using the trial version for free to determine exactly what can be recovered. Once you’ve confirmed that you can recover the data you’re looking for, you’ll be able to recover the files by purchasing a license.


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