Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics and artificial intelligence are NOT the same.
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics and artificial intelligence are not the same. However, they do get tangled when making a robot that has “thinking” abilities.

When you first think about robotics and artificial intelligence, you might be under the impression that these two things are the same.

However, when you take a dipper dive into these two topics, you will come to a totally different realization. Not to say that they have no connecting points whatsoever, but they are not the same.

So, let us dive a bit deeper into these two extremely popular and interesting topics.

What is robotics?

As you might guess just based on the name, robotics is connected to robots. It is a branch of technology that is connected to robot manufacturing and everything that comes before that.

Here are some facts that most robots have in common:

  • Robots have the capability to interact with the world around them by using sensors and actuators
  • They are programmable, which implies that they are controllable
  • Most of the robots are autonomous and semi-autonomous
  • Robotics is one of the most popular and important branches of technology.

Therefore, there is more than one definition out there that represents robotics. No matter which definition is used, the following things are involved in robotics: robot designing, robot constructing and robot programming.


What is a robot?

Don’t be surprised if different scientists give you different definitions of what they think a robot is. Many experts dedicated to this field have totally different opinions on this very trendy matter.

There are some that are under the impression that robots must have the ability to “think”. So, how can a robot think? This brings into play artificial intelligence (AI).

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When does artificial intelligence (AI) come into play?

Unlike robotics, artificial intelligence is not a branch of technology. However, it is considered to be a branch of computer science.

Artificial intelligence is focused on tasks that can only be done by humans. In some way, the goal of artificial intelligence is to replicate the ability to think and react just like humans do. Certainly, this is still something that professionals in this field are trying to master.

However, the ultimate goal is to come up with algorithms that will dictate artificial intelligence. These algorithms would give robots the ability to do some actions based on common sense, previous experiences, etc.  Basically, just as a human would do.

Currently, there is still no way to logically explain how and why the human brain makes conclusions and dictates our actions and reactions.

So, it is very difficult to replicate something that you cannot explain.


What should be accomplished with AI algorithms?

There are many things that natural intelligence does, but we cannot explain it. However, we are still trying to replicate it.

Surely, if something cannot be explained, it only makes sense that it is freakishly hard to reproduce it. When professionals in the field of artificial intelligence make algorithms, they try to make them, so the following can be done by them:

Learning new and unknown things
Solving problems that are unexpected and completely foreign
Comprehending languages
Reasoning logically, especially with the knowledge obtained from past experiences.
At the moment, this sounds very unreal and kind of untouchable. Algorithms are a big part of artificial intelligence.

However, they are a big part of computer science as well. If this topic tickles your curiosity, there are many books that are focused on algorithms. So, wait no more, grab one of those books and dive dipper into this theme.


So, where do robotics and artificial intelligence cross paths?

By now, we all understand that these two very interesting topics are not the same thing. However, there is a moment when robotics and artificial intelligence get interconnected.

It is no secret nor a surprise that many tasks that were previously done by humans, are nowadays completed by robots. Still, the complexity of robots’ actions is limited. This is the case because robots currently do not have the ability to conclude and react as humans do.

That is exactly why AI is so important. In the end, there might be a point where AI reaches the level of human intelligence. If that happens, we might be living and functioning with robots side by side. How freaky does that sound? Do you see yourself grocery shopping next to a robot?

Since this might be our future, it would be good to be educated and informed on this topic. If you would like to know more, that is great. There are many articles and books that can crunch your curiosity thirst on this topic.


Artificial intelligence robots

These robots and their actions are controlled by artificial intelligence. Not all robots have the capability to reason based on artificial intelligence. In fact, only a small number of robots have the capability to reason in such a manner. Therefore, the robots that aren’t based on AI have very limited functioning.

This is exactly why we were talking about algorithms and why they are deemed to be very important. To conclude, if you want to have a robot that performs complex tasks, the robot must be working based on AI algorithms. Otherwise, the only tasks that the robot will be able to do are simple and repetitive.


What does this mean for our future?

Surely, everybody has noticed that the goal of many companies is to robotize processes as much as possible. This is no surprise. Robots can be built to be much more enduring.  Also, in the long run, they can cost much less than manpower.

Yet, what does this mean for our future? How will this influence the global economy? If people aren’t making money, who will be spending money? How will we keep the flow of money going? These are only a few questions. There are many more where they came from.

In case you would like to learn more about relevant and important techy topics, stay tuned on our website.

Robotics and AI raise many different topics. Economy and the flow of money is only one of them.

In the end, there is a big possibility that in the near future we will be surrounded by robots that will be performing many tasks that humans are doing at the moment.

The question remains: How complex will these tasks be? So, we have determined that robotics and artificial intelligence are totally different areas. However, we have also learned that in some instances they go hand in hand.


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