Spend Your Weekends at Home Playing Rummy with Family

This group game is the perfect way to have a good time with your loved ones.
Spend Your Weekends at Home Playing Rummy with Family

Are you free during weekends? Do you have a lot of time on your hand? If so, then you may definitely like to do something to keep busy. Spending time with your dear ones could be one of the ideas. You can make it better with a game of Indian rummy indoors.

After all, this is a group game, and light-hearted way to interact with your loved ones.

You can invite people over to your house as well and engage in a game or two to keep entertained.

In the below-given post, we will talk about rummy online, and how you can make the most it during weekends.


Why Play Indian Rummy on Weekends?

During the weekend, you can take time out for your hobbies and interests.

If you are a card-gaming enthusiast, then a rummy game is one of the best hobbies to develop.

You can play it alone on the internet with online members of a gaming platform.

  • Or, you can also play with your dear ones face-to-face with a physical deck of cards.
  • Basically, there are no restrictions on timing and company of people, if you wish to play this game.
  • As you have access to the internet and offline for rummy, you can easily make your choice.


Things You Should Know about a Rummy Game

After you make a rummy game download, you should also know what to expect from the game.

The cards dealt to you compromise of your original hand.

The goal is to make valid sequences and sets and reduce the points in the hand to zero.

After doing so, you need to make a valid declare.

If you do not make a valid declare then you lose the game.

In the point below, we will discuss how to form valid sequences and sets.


Spend Your Weekends at Home Playing Rummy with Family


Importance of Sequences and Sets

Once you begin with online rummy on a weekend, focus on forming a pure sequence as soon as possible.

You can only win the game if you have at least a natural run, and then an impure sequence.

You can also make a set if you want to.

A pure sequence is a group of three or four cards of consecutive order and same suit.

On the other hand, an impure sequence is like a pure sequence, but with a missing card, which can be substituted by a Wild Card or Joker.

  • An example of a pure sequence in card games is 3, 4, and 5 of the spade.
  • An example of an impure sequence is 3, and 4 of Spade and a Wild Card or Joker Card, which substitutes as 2 or 5 of Spade.
  • A set is a group of three or four cards of the same face value, such as three 6s.


Play for Rewards and Thrilling Experiences

You have more than one reason to play a real cash rummy on a weekend.

Firstly, you get the thrill of a challenging experience playing against pro players.

Secondly, if you are in the winners’ circle, then you are entitled to a cash reward.

Winners of each round get a prize amount.

The final round winners get a handsome monetary reward.

  • The higher the stakes, the higher will the cash prize.
  • So, you can play a game as per your risk appetite and give your best shot.
  • If you do win, then you get the promised sum, which can be transferred right to your bank account.


Get More People on the Gaming Platform

You can invite people to the rummy app you are registered on.

Most of the gaming platforms have a referral program for their members.

You can send an invite to the people you know.

And if they join the platform through your referral code or link, then you and the new member both get bonus points.

  • To play buy-in games on the website or app, you can use these points.
  • These extra points ensure you do not have to spend an equivalent amount from your own pockets.
  • Make sure to use up the bonus points before they expire.


Spend Your Weekends at Home Playing Rummy with Family


Start with a Practice Games

When new to the gaming site, you can start with a few practice games.

Even if you are well aware of how to play rummy, practice games will help you get comfortable with the controls and save on time when you take on difficult challenges.

  • These games will help you figure out the moves and judge the expertise level of the players on the site.
  • You will come across experts as well as amateurs in a practice game.
  • A majority of players, however, could be amateurs as pro players are more interested in cash games instead.


Try Your Hand at Cash Games

If you want to experience a harder challenge on a weekend, then a cash game is a good option.

This is a one-time game, after which, the winner gets a monetary reward.

If you know all the rummy rules and tactics then go for this type of game.

These will have time restrictions and you have to play the game as per the norms set by the gaming platform.

  • You will usually encounter pro players here who know how to use strategies to defeat rivals.
  • You can get better with your gaming skills here.
  • Such games will prepare you to tackle much more difficult challenges, such as tournaments.


Level Up with Tournaments

The next thrill is a tournament.

Tourneys also come with a cash reward for winners.

But these exist of several rounds.

Unlike free rummy, these are harder to crack, as usually, only expert players participate.

You need to check out the buy-in amount and date of the tourney.

Book your place in advance so that the spots do not fill up.

  • Login to the platform at the time of the tournament and start playing.
  • If you are one of the winners of the round, then you move to the next, and henceforth to the final round.
  • Crossing each round is definitely an exciting and challenging experience, which makes many choose tournament format of rummy.


To Conclude

When playing card games, you get completely engaged in it.

As the game demands complete focus, you do not get distracted easily.

So, if you want to spend hours of your free time doing something you like, then a game of rummy is a great choice.

If you want to kill time during your day off or weekends you should definitely play a game or two.

As you know, special tournaments are also held on weekends; scale up your game and participate in these challenges for a better experience.


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