Soccer Widgets for WordPress Websites

Soccer is a fabulous game and managing the latest stats and data on your blog can be tedious.
Soccer Widgets for Wordpress Websites

If you’re a blogger who loves and dreams about Soccer, we have some great news for you. You can now transform your WordPress blog into a fully customisable website for your soccer fans. Here are three amazing Soccer widgets you can try today.

Developed by New Vision Media, Soccer Widgets covers everything from top soccer cups and leagues from all over the world.

They pride themselves in being able to present complex statistics that most websites can’t. 

For instance, it enables you to integrate and show soccer data feeds in your blog to display match probabilities, squad information, team statistics, league rankings, and lastest soccer results.

All you have to do is implement the widget code in your website and let them take care of the rest as it automatically updates the data.

The widgets can also be customised to present the data in a manner that suits your personal style. 

The best part though? It’s absolutely free for editorial and personal use!

Since you get so many features for free, they request you to give them the credit for it by adding a link back from your blog/website. 


Sportspress for Soccer

Even though this is currently in Beta, it offers a suite of soccer tools including own goals reporting and branding.

Other features offered by Sportspress are:

  1. Own goals reporting with a red football icon
  2. Soccer maps and field information
  3. Schedule matches (results and fixtures)
  4. Football Admin Branding in order to replace the icon with a football.
  5. They also offer a pro version for enhanced functionality. 
  6. Moreover, it includes several themes for clubs such as Marquee, Emblem, Premier, Football Club, and Courtside.
  7. You can even share your feedback and send it to them. They genuinely care about their users and take the user’s feedback very seriously.


Soccer Widgets

Developed by, Soccer Widgets is an excellent way to show table ranking and soccer scores using Soccer shortcodes. 

Free data is updated automatically from across the globe which is available in different languages such as Greek, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish and English.

How to use Soccer Widgets:

  1. Go to your plugins page to install and activate the plugin
  2. You will see Soccer Widgets in the left side menu of the Admin Area
  3. Click on Soccer Widgets to generate shortcodes for any data options such as table rankings or results
  4. Once done, copy this shortcode and paste it in any page or blog post of your choice


You can also:

  1. Control the width of tables by changing the HTML code as per your liking. 
  2. If you don’t like the way these data tables appear on your pages/blog posts, you can always head to the ‘Customization’ section to change the colours and style of these tables.


Wrap Up

Soccer is a fabulous game and managing the latest stats and data on your blog can be tedious.

We hope we were able to bring you some helpful recommendations on how to automate the whole process by simply adding a plugin.


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