How Solar Power Works to Energize Your Home

Solar energy is one of the most effective alternatives to fossil fuels.
How Solar Power Works to Energize Your Home

Solar energy is one of the most effective alternatives to fossil fuels. It is the most reliable and cleanest form of renewable energy. In a world where the effects of fossil fuels are now becoming apparent, solar power has become all the more feasible.

Extraction, processing and consumption of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas drilling have exacerbated global pollution.

These traditional fuels have also led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, destruction of ecosystems, air pollution, diseases, among other devastating consequences.

It is against this backdrop that harnessing solar energy from the sun has increased.

This post examines various ways homeowners can leverage solar energy to power their homes.

From solar air conditioning, lighting, water heaters to cooking, there’s no limit to the innovative ways you can use this natural energy source in your home.


Overview of Solar Power at Work

The use of solar as an energy source is an age-old practice.

However, its application in modern times is more urgent as an alternative to harmful fossil fuels.

A solar power system requires solar panels installed on a rooftop or the best position on a home.

When it comes to the number of solar panels required, the calculation depends on a variety of factors, such as household energy consumption, peak sunlight hours and more.

You can check the measurements of your roof via satellite for free.

When you wire each solar panels in series, they form what’s known as a solar photovoltaic array.

These panels consist of photovoltaic cells, which through thermal collectors, absorb light from the sun and transform it into electricity.

Multiple solar photovoltaic array cables terminate in a fused array combiner or an electrical box.

They generate direct current (DC) energy which requires an inverter for conversion into alternating current (AC) energy for multiple home applications such as appliances, solar air conditioner, bulbs and other uses.


Applications of Solar Energy in a Home

Over the years, innovative technology in solar power systems has seen different models launched to the market, but they all fall into off-grid, grid inter-tied and grid inter-tied with battery backup.

Whatever the solar power system you install, it’s possible to energize your home in the following ways:


Solar Lighting

How Solar Power Works to Energize Your Home

Lighting is essential in your home, and for this reason, you need a steady supply of power throughout the year.

Lighting is one of the major items in your power bill but you can now opt for cleaner and cost-effective solar electricity by installing a photovoltaic solar panel system.

The solar panels offset your home’s usage and you can use the power for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Many homeowners would like to light up their gardens or backyards but they can’t do that due to the high cost of power.

With a solar power system, you can bring your home to life.

Most folks end up using personal loans to finance projects, especially solar setups as they can have a hefty initial capital investment.

Over time, however, the financial rewards can make the whole process worth it.


Solar Water Heating

How can you survive without hot water in your home?

Hot water is an integral part of every home and this requires a lot of power.

If you rely on electricity from the grid, you can expect to pay through the nose.

This is a good time to consider solar water heating.

When installing solar panels, you should tell the contractor that you need enough power to heat water around the house.

Some homes also require swimming pool heating and solar energy thus saves them a lot of money.

While the system’s initial cost might be high, it is cheaper in the long run and the payback period is not that long.


Solar Air Conditioning (AC)

Solar Air Conditioning (AC)

Air conditioning is one of the essentials in every modern smarthome.

An efficient air conditioner makes your home more comfortable by heating it in winter and cooling it in summer.

However, AC units consume a lot of power and are thought of as the next biggest global threat due to high electricity demand.

A solar-powered air conditioner thus comes as a godsend for homeowners who want to reduce electricity consumption in their homes.

The solar AC unit relies fully on energy harnessed from the sun though some hybrid units can revert to the grid when there’s no sunlight.

These units are now popular with homeowners due to their cost-efficiency and low-maintenance.

A reliable Enovatek solar aircon, for instance, can shave off almost 50% off your power bill.

The unit by one of the leaders in energy-efficient technology comes with a free quotation, industry-leading warranty, financing and installation.

This system boosts your home’s energy efficiency and is a big step towards green living.


Solar Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial to improve indoor air quality.

It is an effective way to reduce pollutants in the house.

Instead of using electricity from the mains to power the ventilation system, you can now reduce the burden on the HVAC system using a solar PV system.

If you already have a solar-powered AC unit, solar ventilation is a no-brainer as it complements your power-saving efforts.


AC Power 

With so many electronic devices around the house from play stations, mobile phones, smart devices, entertainment systems, dishwashers to washing machines, you need an alternative source of power.

You should consider how much power you need in the house when installing your solar panels.

A solar-powered plugging and charging device will do the trick.


Wrapping Up

Thinking of an effective home-improvement project that will pay for itself in due course?

A solar power system is a smart way to make your home eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

It reduces your reliance on the grid and this alternative source of power comes handy when there are disruptions due to weather or other reasons.


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