Sorry, Your Car Charger Sucks


Car charging is convenient for many avid travelers. You just pop in your charger and drive without having to worry about phone battery depletion. But the reality is that buying a car charger isn’t so easy.

Unfortunately, many end up purchasing fake products in the market to charge their phones. Not only are you damaging your expensive phone, but also increases the chances of causing a fire. So, here’s why your car charger sucks:

It’s Cheap

Don’t get this wrong – a car charger may be cheap, but very effective. However, what is the chances of this statement being true? In most cases, a cheap product always has shortcomings. Therefore, if you are only focused on buying a cheap charger, then what are the odds of getting quality?

Wouldn’t it be best if you invested in a decent charger? After all, the safety of your car, phone, and the occupants inside is at stake. Isn’t all this worth more than the few bucks you’ll save when buying a cheap sub-standard car charger?

Point blank – never compensate safety, and quality, for the price. You’d rather spend a fortune to get a product that won’t act up – which is why you bought that impressive smartphone. Don’t pair that luxury with a cheap car charger!

Your Car Charger is Fake

Let’s face it – technological advancements have made our lives easier – and harder at the same time. In today’s market, there are lots of brands. It isn’t like several years back when we only had a few notable names in the industry. You could argue that back then, it was a lot easier purchasing an electronic product. You just had to focus on a popular brand that delivers quality.

Unfortunately, not only do we have several brands in today’s market, but also numerous counterfeits. The worst-case scenario is that many people don’t even know the difference. It would be unfortunate to experience phone damage or worse-still, a fire, just because you have a fake charger.

Luckily, industry experts are rapidly devising means to stay ahead of cons and counterfeiters. Some of these methods include the use of QR codes, IMEI, and special product serial numbers. All of these can help you know the difference between a fake and real electronic product.

In the case of a car charger, you’ll need to check the product’s details against the manufacturer’s website. You can easily tell whether it’s genuine or not. Besides, you can also find information online that shows how to distinguish a fake product from a real one. Whether you’ll find a video or an article a convenient option to use, try to ensure you learn about fakes.  

Your Charger is Slow

Fast charging technology is the industry’s current potent tool for smartphones. It allows your device to charge at a faster than normal speed. Therefore, it helps to save you time.

If you’re looking to buy a fast charging component for your car, you’ll have to go for good quality. Often finding a genuinely fast car charger in the current market is hard. However, it is still possible if you check out credible reviews and websites like EZ battery reconditioning.

The wrong slow charger can heat up your phone and lead to unexpected damages. This is besides the fact that it can lead to a fire occurrence.

Dangerous Car Charger

A poorly made car charger can blow up your phone – easily! This is especially true for USB-A to USB-C chargers. How to know if your car charger seems dangerous? It’s simple – just check on the cable and ports. If they are substandard in any way, then chances are that your car charger may be dangerous to you and your devices.

Lacks USB-IF Certification

The best part of genuine products is that they have several identification techniques. Here, unlike the fake ones, real products have a certification from authorities. In the case of a car charger, it should have a USB-1F certification. This will give you the confidence to purchase the item, knowing well that it is indeed genuine.

The USB-IF authentication program is a recent non-profit organization that offers certification and authentication for USB-C devices. The program is still in its early stages. Therefore, it may take time before all genuine USB devices get the certification and authentication mark.

Has a Poor Design

Although not the main factor many consider when getting a car charger, it’s still important. You’ll want to pick an option that is aesthetically pleasing. After all, you’ll spend most of your time with it inside the car. It shouldn’t have a clashing color with the car’s interior. The size needs to be in harmony with the dashboard.

Final Thoughts

If your car charger doesn’t meet these basic standards, then you should probably get a new one. Your car charger sucks – sorry, not sorry.


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