What is Storyline Online?

There are few projects out there that are as great and as wholesome as Storyline online.
What is Storyline Online?

There are few projects out there that are as great and as wholesome as Storyline online.

Not only does it help kids develop their little minds and grow into proper adults, but it also makes celebrities come together and use their narration skills to do something good.

And, considering its production values, it should come as little surprise that Storyline online won numerous awards like 2017 Communication Award and 2018 daytime Emmy nomination.

So, what is Storyline online precisely and what can you learn from it?

Well, that is what we are here to explore.


What you need to know about Storyline online

Storyline Online is a website made by The SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

The goal of the project is to bring literature and reading closer to young children.

By doing so, they hope to bring the joy of reading back into mainstream culture and help our kids understand why reading is important and how much they can benefit from it.

The goal of Storyline Online is to bring kids closer to books.

A parent showing their child a book, showing the true goal of Storyline Online.


How does it work?

The main concept is to bring talented artists, like actors, singers, comedians, and hosts and to get them to read books for kids.

The nature of readers is often reflected in the stories they read. This often makes these stories much more engaging and interesting for kids to listen to.

So far, Storyline Online has dozens of different stories that kids can listen to and enjoy.


Why Storyline Online is awesome

While telling stories online is not a new concept, there is something about Storyline Online that makes it stand out above the rest.

Maybe it’s the excellent quality of production.

Or maybe its because they have excellent animators working for them to create beautiful animations that flow seamlessly with the story.

Whatever it is, they are doing it right. After all, they won six awards so far, ranging from a daytime Emmy nomination in 2018 to winning the Telly award in 2016.

They’ve also recognized by the American Association of School Librarians as the best website for teaching and learning in 2019.

So, if there is one thing we can say for sure, it’s that Storyline Online knows how to tell a story.


Who reads for Storyline Online?

Many A-list celebrities have come together to read some of their favourite childhood stories.

And, once other celebrities heard that Storyline Online was a thing, they were quick to join in.

So, never underestimate the power of branding, especially if you have celebrities working with you.

Just some of them are:

  • Ed O’Neil.
  • Oprah Winfrey.
  • Rami Malek.
  • Elijah Wood.
  • Viola Davis.
  • Sarah Silverman.
  • Chris Pine

And many others!

These celebrities help peak kids’ interest in these wonderful stories and bring them closer to literature.

With luck, new celebrities will join in soon, and there will be an even larger array of books for kids to choose from.


What books are out there?

The rule so far was that every celebrity reads a single story.

Therefore, since there are dozens of different celebrities helping out, there are dozens of different stories.

Some of the stories are:

  • “Mr. Falker”, it was written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco.
  • “Harry the Dirty Dog”, it was written by Gene Zion, illustrated by Margaret Bloy.
  • “Me and My Cat”, it was written and illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura.
  • “To Be A Drum”, it was written by Evelyn Coleman, illustrated by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson.
  • “Rent Party Jazz”, it was written by William Miller, illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb.

Alongside them, there are other stories that are bound to make bedtime easier and to help your child fall in love with books.

So, if you are a parent that wishes for their kids to enjoy stories, make sure to check out Storyline Online, either on their website on their Youtube channel.

Also, keep in mind that their website is mobile-friendly.

Therefore, even if you don’t have access to your laptop, you can still give your kids a terrific story to hear.

We are sure that you will find at least a couple of stories that you enjoyed as a child.

Storyline Online


Why stories matter

So, after all, this, why all the hubbub?

Why are so many celebrities willing to take the time out of their busy schedules in order to read stories for kids?

After all, there are numerous charity organizations and humanitarian agencies around the world.

Why bother with stories?

Well, it’s because stories matter.

Stories have been with us since the dawn of mankind.

Ever since we were capable of speaking, we started telling stories about what our lives are about.

Therefore, stories have a tremendous impact on us, especially when we are young.

So much so that most of us even think in stories and we always consider our lives as if it were a story.

It is no surprise that kids are willing to sit for hours listening to a good story, especially if it resonates with something that they do not yet understand.

Furthermore, by being able to tell stories we are able to share our experiences, thereby connecting our lives with the people around us.

A cute young girl sitting on her bed in unicorn themed costume reading a storybook.


Why books are necessary

In today’s world that has such intelligent technology, we might still wonder if books have a place.

After all, all the stories that we have to tell our kids can be put into a video game or a cartoon.

Those mediums, as any parent can tell, are much easier to pay attention to, which is why kids are spending their days glued to a screen.

So, with all of these technological advances, do books still have a place in today’s word?

Are books going to become a thing of the past?

A pile of books are stacked on a wooden table.

Well, as most of us and everyone in Storyline online believes, they do.

The biggest difference between books and video games and TV shows is the freedom that books present.

Anyone can write a book without having to worry about money or profit.

This makes books the ideal way of honest expression and true storytelling.

So, no matter what piece of technology comes by, we are sure that books will endure – precisely because there are companies like Storyline online who are aware of their worth.


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