6 Tips To Create a Strong and Effective Online Survey

Online surveys can be significantly impactful and effective in the direction of your company.
6 Tips To Create a Strong and Effective Online Survey

Incorrect data can guide even the greatest marketers to the wrong conclusions. And, this is something you definitely don’t want, right? When you are doing market research, you need to be absolutely sure that you are collecting the right data with the right methods. An online survey can be significantly impactful and effective in the direction of your company.

Companies implement online surveys in order to gain feedback and insights about their products or services, enhancement in current features, change in marketing strategies, etc.

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it helps you measure customer satisfaction and hence helps you improve your product and services. 


What Is a Good Online Survey?

A good survey can be stated as a survey that is intuitive, easy to use and collects the greatest number of completed responses from a sample that aids towards the market research study.

The basis for a good survey depends on the right survey design and the fact that it generates a good response rate.

A lot of factors explain the success of a survey such as–size, cost, the accuracy of the sample, methods of survey distribution, time to collect responses, and the actual quality of the survey.

Further, there are multiple factors that need to be considered to make the survey relevant. We have gathered the top six tips to create a strong and effective survey:


1. Define the Purpose

An important element of doing a good survey is– the introduction as it defines the tone and shows your respondent that you value their efforts and care about their time.

It is also imperative to set the purpose and objective of the survey creation so that the respondents feel connected to the survey and end objective of the research.

Besides, respondents tend to drop out if they feel their personal information is being misused.

So, you can clearly mention at the beginning of the survey that the details will be kept confidential; this can aid in the success of the survey.


2. Empathize With Your Customers

Using technical jargon or complicated words in the survey might give the respondent a sense that it is not for them, and hence they drop out.

Using words in your free online survey that can be easily recognized by the potential respondent population is crucial to its success.


3. Avoid Using Complicated Questions

6 Tips To Create a Strong and Effective Online Survey

There are multiple types of questions that can be used in a survey to aid in data collection.

Instead of putting tricky and complex questions, try to create a survey that includes easy-to-understand and straightforward questions to minimize the survey dropout rate.

Using easy questions like multiple-choice questions helps in maximizing survey response rates.


4. Inappropriate Questions Can Be A Survey Faux-Pas!

Respondents are more likely to respond to the survey in a logical flow. Jumbled questions can make the respondents lose interest in completing the survey. 

Also, if inadequate and irrelevant questions are displayed, it can encourage the respondent to drop out of the survey right away.

For instance, if asked in a survey about whether a respondent has visited a cafe and even if selecting no, it still asks them about the experience at the cafe, which clearly means it is irrelevant.


5. Test Your Survey Thoroughly

 Before a survey is sent out to the respondents, it must be tested to see if the questions are rendering correctly and it should have a logical flow. You can use online SMS software to easily conduct the survey.


6. Send Follow-Up Reminders

6 Tips To Create a Strong and Effective Online Survey

Sending reminders can boost the survey response rate aggressively. While it is important to not sending surveys at inappropriate times that the respondents want to cut off from your brand, sending timely reminders help being considered a good survey.



Online surveys work incredibly if you want to reach a large respondent base. Consider keeping your survey simple, short, and to the point, so that you increase your rates and get a good ROI in designing and implementing the survey.


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