Technology Websites to Follow in 2020

With so many technology websites to choose from, one needs to filter through the ecosystem to find the very best.
Technology Websites to Follow in 2020

With so many technology websites to choose from, one needs to filter through the ecosystem to find the very best.

Over the past two decades, technology has irrevocably changed our lives.

From how we communicate to how we conduct business or acquire education, many aspects of our lives have changed drastically.

Utilities, services, and products that we now take for granted and use every day are quite recent, in relative terms; YouTube didn’t exist in the early 2000s, and neither did Instagram, Skype, Discord, Google Drive, or most other such apps.

It has not been long since feature phones gave way to modern smartphones, and they are still evolving – from modest conveniences in the early 2000s they have become pocket computers by the 2010s, all within less than a decade.

The internet itself has only recently become a widespread household tool; 16% of the world’s population used it in 2005, a figure which jumped to a massive 53,6% by 2019.

With this rapid pace, it was inevitable that technological advancements would become too many to properly keep track of.

This, in turn, gave rise to many, many technology websites, whose purpose is to do exactly that; help readers stay up-to-date in tech matters.

From personal interests to a business benefit, it really is imperative for ever more people to do so.

So, with that said, here are our suggestions for the best technology websites to follow in 2020.


1. CNet

Such a list could only begin with CNet, the largest media network website.

Consistently among the 200 most visited websites worldwide, it boasts massive traffic and many loyal readers – and for a good reason.

CNet publishes tech-related articles, news, reviews, blogs, and more.

It also hosts many software download options, from completely free software to free trial versions and full releases.

Said software ranges from security assets to tools and utilities, and everything in-between.

Not unlike Frontech Solutions Inc., CNet seems to have been very rightly concerned with optimal business growth – and it shows.

On the side of news and articles, it covers a wide range of the latest technology products and advancements, from such varied fields as computer and mobile to cars and photography.

For the general news consumer, they also cover other topics, from 3D printing and 5G to the cancellation of 2020’s Eurovision contest.


2. TechCrunch

The second-biggest tech blog, TechCrunch offers as much quality content as technology websites can.

Founded in 2005, it has persevered and grown – to the tune of over 37 million monthly page views and over 12 million unique visitors.

It covers a wide range of technology news, such as;

  • Startups
  • Gadgets
  • Mergers and enterprise
  • New feature launches
  • Technology breakthroughs
  • Gaming and apps

TechCrunch is dedicated to following all the latest news in the field and delivering them in a very accessible format.

It, too, also delves on other topics for the inquiring visitor and, for those who are not keen on reading, it also offers a vast amount of podcasts.


3. Raletta


Raletta is a relatively newer, but still very noteworthy technology site to keep in mind.

The company behind it, Raletta Technology, rose to fame in 2016 through its successful startups and now has diverse internet products under its umbrella.

While the parent site is more focused on the company itself and its various initiatives such as press releases, conferences, and job openings, its blog section offers a wide range of articles.

It offers clear tabs for business, finance, marketing, and technology sections for easy navigation, and the latter covers an array of technological advancements – from self-driven cars and animation courses to mobile app development trends.


4. Engadget

As the name implies, Engadget is not among traditional technology websites.

Rather, it focuses heavily on gadgets, product reviews, and consumer electronics.

Still, it remains one of the best technology publications – evolving into its current form from all the way back in 2004, when it was founded.

Engadget does, fittingly, focus on gadgets and electronics.
Engadget does, fittingly, focus on gadgets and electronics. Engadget does, fittingly, focus on gadgets and electronics.

The site is split into sections for easier navigation; tech reviews are naturally filed under the “reviews” section, while the “buyer’s guide” section covers information that tech buyers will be looking for.

It is updated daily, and it frequently covers news on gadgets and consumer electronics – as well as rumors revolving around the world of technology.

Stories tend to also offer the authors’ opinions, which results in a more personal, accessible style of content.

Lastly, Engadget also produces the weekly Engadget Podcast for those who would rather consume their news that way.


5. Ars Technica

Another vastly popular and renowned tech website, Ars Technica is one of the oldest tech publications today.

It has evolved for over two decades and continues to follow the latest tech advancements and news.

Ars Technica covers tech subjects, but also subjects of culture and science, gadgets, business, and more.

It offers a subscription plan for an ad-free experience, as well as its own discussion – where readers and clients can have their inquiries answered.

Therefore, it stands to reason, then, why it has managed to secure a steady, loyal audience since its foundation; it always strives to remain updated and it promotes interpersonal communication.   


6. Merrchant


As the name might imply, Merrchant’s primary platform is focused on the titular cloud-based business software.

Founded in 2016, the site has since branched out and developed a very lucrative media page that covers an array of subjects, including technology.

Merrchant Media is managed and developed by a small team of writers, whose articles cover matters of business, finance, education, lifestyle, marketing, travel, and technology.

Given the site’s own history and parent site, it frequently provides valuable insight on such matters as CRM, IOT, web hosting, and e-commerce.


7. Gizmodo

Another great publication, Gizmodo’s reputation precedes it; founded all the way back in 2002, it has now grown to a site that can boast over 100 million monthly page views.

While its name may imply a heavy focus on gadgets and gizmos, it is actually a reputable publication that frequently delves into matters of technology.

Rather unavoidably, one might say.

As technology websites often do, Gizmodo does also delve on gadgets.
As technology websites often do, Gizmodo does also delve on gadgets.

 Taking a lighter tone, the site offers gadget reviews with a distinct focus on the entertainment factor on top of information.

It covers the latest news on various topics of technology – from smartphones and iPhones to tablets and cameras, and from wearables all the way to phone and computer operating systems.

The site also features a “science” section, which also guarantees to offer much to the inquiring reader.  


8. The Verge

The Verge could not be excluded from a list of technology websites; it boasts over 20 million followers on social media and also has a very successful YouTube channel covering tech news.

Launched as a blog in 2011, this publication clearly withstood the test of time.

As would be expected of such publications,

The Verge publishes breaking tech news and new internet product and gadget reviews, but it also expands to other topics. For example, their website features a science section, which may overlap with technology or cover standalone scientific news.

Fortunately, the site splits topics into categories, so navigation to subjects of interest is smooth and easy.

Meanwhile, their YouTube channel offers well-produced, high-quality tech coverage – offering a great visual alternative to reading, if the latter doesn’t suit one’s tastes.  


9. Tom’s Hardware

A well-deserved honourable mention, Tom’s Hardware is strictly focused on hardware – as the name implies.

The site was founded all the way back in 1996 and has consistently offered swift, top-notch troubleshooting services since then. 

Fortunately, some technology websites focus heavily on hardware.
Fortunately, some technology websites focus heavily on hardware.

In no small part due to its discussion section, on top of very thorough reviews and benchmarks, Tom’s Hardware is a high-quality site to visit if one’s technology woes happen to extend to hardware issues specifically.

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