The advantages of Using UV Lighting for Disinfection

For many generations, humans have created different methods to disinfect, ranging from regular cleaning to making use of chemical-based disinfectants. However, according to findings, it is almost impossible to eliminate all types of germs and bacteria, even when using the most rigorous cleaning methods while making use of the best cleaning suppliers and disinfectants.

Modern technology in lighting has brought rise to a better way of cleaning and disinfecting with UV rays. UV light disinfection uses ultraviolet technology to kill bacteria, viruses, and other germs. It is quicker, more accurate, and a more reliable method to other disinfecting methods, which is why it has become the preferred lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

If you are still not decided whether to use UV lighting as a reliable disinfecting solution, here are the benefits you are missing.

UVC disinfecting is 99.9% effective

Compared to other methods of disinfecting spaces and surfaces, UV lighting has been found to be much more effective than other methods. UV rays can kill a wide range of pathogens, which is not always possible with chemical-based disinfection through human interaction.

UV lighting can be used to destroy molds and bacteria spores, which is difficult when using other disinfection methods that leave behind dampness that favors the growth of fungi. Since UV lighting is a dry disinfecting method, it eliminates existing molds and prevents further growth of fungus or bacteria.

UV disinfection method is non-toxic.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of UV disinfection is that it is non-toxic. Compared to chemical-based cleaning and disinfecting agents, UV light is a physical process that is environmentally friendly since it is not chemical-based.

This makes it possible to use UV light disinfecting in food preparation areas, food, and non-food items. By following proper protection guidelines, UV lighting is a reliable and safe disinfection method for the modern-day. It is ideal for the medical, hospitality, and restaurant industries.

UV light disinfection is compatible with permanent fixtures.

One of the best gifts of modern technology is making it possible for UV lighting to be added inside permanent fixtures in rooms as needed. UV lighting units can be fixed anywhere there is a need for regular disinfecting.

You can add a UVC system inside air conditioning units or insider light bulbs for continuous disinfection of rooms without direct contact with humans. This is especially ideal for laboratories and other hospital areas. This is the best way to keep your premise germ and bacteria free without needing a cleaner on site.

UV lighting can kill pathogens.

Where traditional disinfecting methods have failed, UV light disinfection has been found to be effective in killing bacteria and viruses, including bacteria resistant to antibiotics. UV disinfection is a physical process that is difficult to build a wall against, making it effective for killing pathogens. This why UVC is the perfect disinfecting method for high-risk infection areas such as hospitals or assisted living facilities.

UVC disinfecting is affordable

Most people assume that installing UV light disinfection is complicated and expensive. This cannot be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, UV disinfecting methods are the most affordable today.

A one-off investment in UV lighting delivers years of service without the need for the replacement and low chances of failure. This is affordable in the long run, especially when you measure it against the cost of chemical-based cleaning agents and disinfecting services you would use within the same period.

Whenever you invest in the best UVC fixtures, you end up spending little to nothing on maintenance for the life of the UV fixture.

If you are one of the people always looking for a time saving, accurate and reliable method of killing germs and bacteria, UV lighting is the ideal choice. In the end, it will save precious time and a lot of resources. With the continued advancements in UVC technology, it is safe to term it as the disinfecting method of the future.








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