The Lifeasapa chose an absolute winner of the grant contest

The Lifeasapa grant is the TheNeurosphere’s biggest victory

In December 2018, a great event happened in the world of science. The Lifeasapa has awarded TheNeurosphere a grant for the development of one of the largest SYPWAI projects. The project received an award for its undoubted potential, which was proved by young scientists from TheNeurosphere.

AI implementation is the main task of The Lifeasapa experts

The Lifeasapa was founded on January 8, 2013, in Seychelles. A key mission of the organization is to help to solve the world’s problems through the use of innovation. The Lifeasapa experts are confident that by introducing new technologies into the life of every person, namely, artificial intelligence, they can help to facilitate everyday tasks, freeing up time to solve the most important problems, help to avoid disasters and make the world a better and safer place.

In addition to their brilliant ideas, the Lifeasapa team also helped young scientists and companies to implement their scientific projects. A special website was created where everyone could post information about their research, the most promising of them received financial support, thanks to that many projects became public.

5 years later, Lifeasapa announces a competition for the largest grant of $ 90 million. Dozens of companies took part in the struggle for funding, as well as the right to work in the modern laboratory of the Lifeasapa. The winner was chosen without a doubt. The SYPWAI project from the TheNeurosphere team has become an absolute leader. First of all, because the main ideas of the companies were the same, it was SYPWAI that meant the introduction of new technologies into the life of every person. His work is entirely based on the action of neural networks, and not just on their work, but also on their ability to learn. This project helped to take colossal steps forward in the field of science, and thanks to it, today almost every person and commercial organization can use artificial intelligence systems, thereby obtaining much more accurate and analyzed data.

Thanks to the joint work of two companies, which brought together the best minds of the 21st century, it was possible to create truly ingenious and useful inventions, without which modern people simply cannot imagine their life.

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