Things You Can Do With Oracle NetSuite But You Didn’t Know About

Business growth

Starting a business is challenging, but hard work, grand vision, and high results can make things happen, and no one knows that as NetSuite does. 

Founded in 1998, NetSuite very fast became the leading integrated cloud business software suite. For decades now, NetSuite has been the first choice for serious companies about enterprise resource planning, managing inventory, tracking their financials, and much more. 

NetSuite is a flexible platform, which comes with a vast range of business applications. In fact, NetSuite is so flexible and rich in useful features that only professionals know more about it. 

With that in mind, you should know that you can do things with Oracle NetSuite that no one talks about. Read on to discover more on NetSuite and how it helps businesses grow in a short period globally. 


International Business Growth

Oracle brought global scale to NetSuite, which pushed its international growth. Not only that Oracle NetSuite can provide a worldwide scene and international development, but it also offers localized product capabilities as well, next to excellent customer support. 

In-country sales and support teams are fast to adapt to local business culture, thanks to proper NetSuite implementation and usage. Basically, any business can grow faster with Oracle NetSuite. 


NetSuite Offers Specific Solutions


Sometimes the best thing for a business is customization in terms of industry. No matter how useful the platform is, its effect is unexisting if it cannot be applied to various industries. 

However, with NetSuite, you can use it for Retail, Services, Advertising, Software, Wholesale Distribution, and Manufacturing.

To prove how its platform can be used for various industries, Oracle NetSuite gives its best to deliver various testimonies and tell people success stories. 

One of the best-known stories is how a manufacturer that operates in the craft beer industry used NetSuite to improve its accounting, CRM, e-commerce processes, and even manufacturing. 


NetSuite Knowledge Power


Knowledge is the real power. However, for a business to know how to run Oracle NetSuite properly and utilize its perks, the best option is to consult an Oracle NetSuite consultant to discover what Oracle NetSuite offers and provide your business how NetSuite can really boost your processes and operations. 

Did you know that popular NetSuite is used by over 30,000 companies in over 100 countries? It’s so widely used that many businesses are using it without you realizing it. 

Buying a sandwich from Pret or redeem your Groupon vouchers, it’s so easy and stress-free because NetSuite powers it. When you Shazam a song, it’s NetSuite, which manages your transaction. That transaction has to be done, and no better option than to use NetSuite to do it. 

Oracle NetSuite operates as a digital giant ready for the future today. No matter the size, every organization wants to have an excellent service, support, and digital presence. 

Plus, every business wants a customer-system that will help them achieve a high level of excellence, easily reached, thanks to NetSuite. 


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