Tips On How To Find The Best Chat SDK

Finding chat SDKs (Software development kits) is as easy as using a simple Google search. However, there is more to just choosing the 1st chat SDK that you find in your search. 

Below are a few useful tips you can use to choose the right chat SDK. 

The Reputation Of The Company

Today, countless companies provide chat SDKs, but not all of them are created equally. So, if you have an idea of working on a chat application, that can help to pick the right chat SDK. And, it is also necessary that you must find a reputable business for your chat SDK. 

You can do this by researching the company or the people behind the SDK. Find out as much as you can about the company, any other products on offer, and if they provide trial periods. 


If you feel confident and assured about a company you have found, your next step will involve finding out about the company’s type of support. Once you have purchased and installed a chat SDK, you would want to make sure you can keep the app functioning. This may mean that you will need technical support at certain stages. By quickly addressing concerns and problems, you are offered peace-of-mind. 


The best chat SDK will provide a range of features that your users can benefit from. Some of these features may include the dates that messages were sent, how to see when a message is read, or even adding emojis or images to chats. There should also be a feature included that allows your users to delete their messages. 

Another useful chat SDK feature includes group and private chats, or the ability to block one or more users. Your chat SDK should also include an option to deactivate or ban users. In addition to this, the best chat SDKs also include user-reporting API features. 

Essentially, you should be aiming for an SDK that includes features that will encourage engagement. The software development kit should also include analytical and channel management features. 

The Cost

The best chat SDKs can be expensive. However, when your chat SDK includes excellent features, is easy-to-use, and includes updates, then it is most likely worth what you are paying for. 


The best chat SDK should include a feature that automatically updates as soon as an update is available. When an update is released, it is always better to conduct the updates as quickly as possible. If you have chosen an SDK where you have to update manually, you may forget or not do it on time. Make sure that you have asked the developer if updates will be provided. If your chat SDK developer confirms that updates are provided, you need to ensure that these updates will be automatic. If they are not automatic, you need to ensure that you will receive a notification as soon as updates become available. 

It is also important to note that not all of the chat SDKs are updated. We suggest choosing an SDK that includes updates, even if they are not frequent. Otherwise, you may find that you will have to invest in another chat SDK further down the line. 

Read Reviews

The last step to finding out which of the chat SDKs are best is taking a bit of your time to follow up on reviews. These reviews should be coming from “real” customers, and what they have to say about the chat SDK you are researching. If most of the reviews you come across seem positive, or people are recommending the SDK, then it is probably worth a try. 

Keep in mind that even the top-rated chat SDKs may still have a few negative reviews. This shouldn’t be a big deal, provided that most people who have left reviews only have positive things to say about the SDK. 

Final Thoughts 

When you start looking for and finally choosing a chat SDK, it is also important to compare the different chat SDKs. Ultimately, you will want an SDK provided by a reliable and reputable company, comes with excellent features, is easy-to-use, and offers value. It is also important that you find one that provides updates and support. Reviews will also help you to find the appropriate chat SDK for your needs.

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