Top- 10 Tech websites for guest posting

In your pursuit of SEO knowledge, you have certainly encountered a range of “solutions” for boosting your traffic. But I will concede that certain strategies are better than others. This is true, especially when it comes to link building. On the internet, there are many “link farms” and spammy link sellers who offer backlinks for a dollar. More natural methods would probably be a better use of your time and money. Guest posting is still one of the finest strategies to grow your audience and website traffic. It is despite some uncertainty about the web page ranking approach.

But before looking for tech websites to guest post on, educate yourself more about guest blogging!

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting has become one of the most effective SEO techniques for all websites. The one from those runs by hobby bloggers to those run by large corporations. One of the hardest difficulties for an online business is reaching potential clients. While a good social media strategy will always be useful; it can take some time to see the effects of your efforts. This is where the guest posting may help.

Guest blogging, sometimes known as “guest posting,” is the process of creating material for another company’s website. Guest bloggers generally contribute to blogs in their sector that are comparable to their own. It is to Increase traffic back to their website.

Important Points to Bear in Mind When Writing Guest Posts

  • Guest contributions should contain excellent writing. Both people and search engines like Google and Bing are becoming pickier.
  • They must be relevant to the current subject. To receive the most benefit from them, people must want to read them.
  • People should be motivated to share them on social media by them. Readership rises as a result of sharing.
  • Outbound links should be useful and relevant to the page’s content. The anchor text for the links must be precise.
  • It is not a good idea to post to websites that shamelessly publish lots of guest material because the backlinks are virtually useless.

Who can write a guest post?

  • Almost anyone can submit a guest post but only chosen few can submit one that is widely read.
  • A post cannot be “crafted” to go viral, which is the truth. But it should go viral if the right tactics are used. To improve traffic and visibility, it only needs to be well-written, on-topic, and informative.
  • The majority of guest blogs are between 500 and 1000 words long. However, some marketers believe they ought to be considerably longer. It should contain about 2500 words.
  • According to research, having more material on your website increases the likelihood that it will rank highly in Google Results.
  • Because consistency is key, it can occasionally be good to hire a professional to produce guest pieces.

Is it advantageous to post as a guest?

Yes, in a word, is the answer.

Here Are A Few Benefits of Guest Posting:

  • If a blogger is picky and willing to put in the effort to find and edit pieces from other sources; guest blogging could be a terrific resource for information for readers.
  • Links inside the content are a crucial component. Use only links that are suitable from an editorial standpoint.
  • To be on the safe side, only link to top-notch websites that improve the internet and evaluate the quality of guest articles.

The truth behind guest posting “red flags”

In theory, guest blogging seems like a great idea (you get exposure, and they get content). But you should proceed with caution.

Genuine opportunities can be highly valuable for you. But creating questionable content will hurt your profile and your website’s Google rankings.

Avoid any guest posting possibilities that:

  • Feel “spammy” or are carried out in a degrading way
  • There may be a request for or provision of compensation for content submissions.
  • Any of Google’s well-known SEO optimization rules are not followed
  • You may avoid terrible guest posting opportunities while yet discovering untapped resources. It will tremendously benefit your business by adhering to these general rules.

Top-10 Tech websites for guest posting

If you’re interested in guest posting but are unsure of how to get started; we’ve done some of the research for you. Visit the tech sites listed below. Find out more about possible article topics, submission requirements, subjects, and other information:


Technology Moon is a blog for tech enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about cutting-edge innovation and all the trends that surround it. The instructional, amusing, and interesting information of Technology Moon is updated frequently.

It is one of the most-read blogs in the IT industry. Many factors are there that make it unique. One thing without a doubt it can produce a tonne of original material. Each of’s ten news categories receives an average of five stories every day. It has fairly dynamic writing and closely follows reality. Despite being so informal, our language is incredibly endearing. Wagers are made on two-way communication at It always promotes audience participation. Also, it has no problem for them to ask for assistance if doing. So, it raises the quality of the information TechMoon offers. is committed to elevating the website through guest posts. It is the top spot for tech blogging. So, if any one of you wants a tech site to write a guest post, you are welcome here!


You should read Mashable if you want to know more about the tech industry and its connections.

Mashable was founded in 2005 by writer Pete Cashmore with a singular focus on social media, the internet, and how it was changing how we lived. Mashable now offers a lot more information to business owners than just tech-related articles. Business owners who are interested in technology will still find the “Tech” section to be the most helpful; despite the blog’s current emphasis on media and journalism. Of course, if you’re simply wasting time, you can visit the website’s other pages. How to Change the Icons in iPhone Apps Analysis of ExpressVPN: It is well worth the money due to its quick speed and security. Recent tech-related items on Mashable include “Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not the future of phones” and “Best Squarespace themes for mobile websites.”

Despite Mashable’s massive audience, it might be difficult to land a guest writing gig. While senior department editors occasionally accept original material for guest posts. Mashable has several full-time positions open. By subscribing to posts and career notifications, you may stay updated.

Tech Crunch

Start-ups and entrepreneurs can stay informed, network, and take action as they build technology firms. It will shape the future owing to TechCrunch, which covers their sector. Since its launch in June 2005, TechCrunch has attracted millions of readers worldwide. Its several noteworthy topics are covered via its award-winning podcasts, newsletters, events, films, webinars, news articles, and expert analysis. TechCrunch hosts a variety of live events and online events throughout the year. It includes its renowned Disrupt conference, the TC Sessions series, TC Early Stage, Summer Party, the online speaker series TechCrunch Live, and other partner events. You can view the whole event calendar. Additionally, TechCrunch offers a membership club called TechCrunch+. It grants start-up teams and entrepreneurs access to special content and benefits.

Someone has certain guidelines for guest posting for new items. The company considers authors whose works are submitted for publication to be members.


There is more to technology than just gadgets. The printing of human organs, driverless cars, and comfortable space travel are examples. Engadget will tell you about the future. Every day, consumer electronics and gadgets are covered by the Engadget global network of technology blogs. Engadget oversees ten blogs, four of which are in English and six of which have international editions with independent editorial staff. It has been operated by Yahoo since September 2021. Every month, its web, mobile, and Flipboard presence reaches over 20 million unique readers. CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade exhibition, is held in January in Las Vegas. 2014 Best of CES Awards are proudly presented by Engadget. It also acts as the event’s official online news source.

When it comes to guest posting, Engadget is a little strange. They have two different perspectives on guest posts. Tags are used for the other and their topical scheme for the first. The topics system eventually contained everything with the topic “Guest Post.”

The Verge

Technology and how it affects our emotions are the main topics on The Verge. It was founded in 2011 and offers its audience a variety of information on its website, in videos, and podcasts. It includes award-winning investigative articles, reviews, and breaking news. Verge’s original editorial insight was that technology had migrated from the very periphery of culture to the very center. As mobile technology gave rise to a new generation of digital consumers. It currently exists in a world where bright screens predominate; which has prompted revolutions in the media, transportation, and academic fields. The future is coming to us faster than ever.

You can write a guest post on the website on your topic, and then you can ask the website administrator to post it. To identify websites for guest posting, look at the first five results after searching your topic and “write for us.”


The TechRepublic team’s one, clear goal is to help you make wise technical decisions. The tech market is better covered by its multinational staff of tech journalists, industry analysts, and professional IT experts than by any other website. It delivers information from breaking IT news to best practices tips and how-tos. TechRepublic’s global editorial staff produces original content to help business and technology leaders. It makes informed decisions about technology; from the best products to buy to the best suppliers to work with to the best ways to make the most of the technologies they currently have. It offers guidance, training, and best practices.

TechRepublic accepts guest posts on its blog site only. It is particularly attentive to quality and helpful information.

The Next Web

Boris and Patrick, the founders of the firm, were looking for a technological event where they could advertise in 2006. When they were unable to find one that satisfied all of their needs, they simply opted to host their own (as one does). As a result of a series of events, TNW evolved into a well-known global brand at the heart of the tech sector. Even though TNW is best known for its globally recognized media platform and award-winning tech events. Additionally, they run a tech cluster designation that provides organizations and governments with specialized innovation initiatives. Technology informs, inspires, and connects people who admire, comprehend, and are motivated by its promise.

There are certain guidelines for content contribution in The Next Web.

Martech, sometimes referred to as marketing software, marketing platforms, and marketing technology is a type of marketing technology. Martech technologies are used to generate, implement, manage, choreograph, and track the performance of online and offline content, campaigns, and experiences. Additionally, phrases like “marketing technology” and “marketing software” are frequently utilized. It is difficult to imagine marketing without technology. It is fair to state that “martech is marketing”. Because there is no separation between campaigns and the tools used to execute them. Others define martech in a much broader sense. Some definitions consider sales technology applications and customer success.

Martech allows guest posts to its users.


TechForge, a market leader in publishing, event management, and digital services, specializes in the application of technology in commercial settings. Thousands of readers and subscribers join TechForge’s nine dedicated news sites every week. Its content reaches more than 6.6 million IT professionals directly through social media. TechForge events and online executive roundtables are attended by forward-thinking CxOs. They are developing and implementing digital strategies for their organizations.

Why TechForge?

The group behind TechForge has held prominent leadership positions at some of the most renowned event organizations in the world. They are experts at creating multi-touchpoint marketing campaigns. That points are incredibly engaging and will connect you with top IT leaders from significant international organizations in vertical industries. Its services include lead generation, banner advertising, content marketing, whitepaper writing, email marketing, events and roundtables, carefully selected webinars, and many others.

It is one of the best tech guest post sites on our list.

Mstech. Co creates encounters that encourage and accelerate offline and online discussion. It is increasing women in business and technology visibility and, ultimately, their success. When its community invests in First Class membership; the movement may grow closer to its goal more rapidly and further. It is improving its foundation and obtaining critical comments and insights to keep developing the best programs for women. Also, it is packaging them for organizations like 1871’s “WiSTEM” program. That developed a 12-week course and curriculum based on predetermined criteria. Last but not least, they host an annual summit called Fear Paradox. Here they motivate entrepreneurs, executives, artists, and technologists to step beyond their comfort zones.

Do you think you’d like to write for the Mstech Highlights blog?


The greatest lies about guest posting

Guest posting has historically been one of the most successful and beneficial long-term strategies for content marketing or SEO. The concept is simple and doable, even for a beginner. Use your brand to publish your work with several highly reputable publishers. Receive profit from the authority, visibility, and traffic this gives to your brand.

Sadly, there are still some persistent myths about guest blogging in circulation today. The following are some of the worst ones I’ve found:

  • You must first establish a reputation

Even if it’s not always easy to get started in guest writing, you don’t need a reputation to do so. Otherwise, how would anyone get started?

The downside: If you don’t already have a name for yourself, you’ll have to start small by collaborating with local publishers. Not only this but you need to get mentioned on blogs for local small businesses to build some credibility. Although it won’t pay off much right now. You must set the foundation before you can start to enjoy genuine rewards.

  • Too much work is required

Guest posting indeed involves a lot of labor and an upfront financial investment. It is till you reach levels where your efforts are constantly rewarded. All of your work will eventually pay off if you are efficiently using your time. It includes working with the top publishers, improving your craft, and creating a long-term strategy.

It’s a successful, high-ROI strategy if you have the patience to see it through.

  • It only benefits the person, personally

This is a fact that guest posting usually leverages personal brands rather than corporate ones. But still, there is a misconception that it can only benefit individuals. Employees of businesses, however, can build secondary reputation value and boost customer confidence by supervising the publishing of posts.

  • The laws are uniform

It’s a myth that while every newspaper is unique; once you get familiar with one set of regulations, you are also familiar with all of them. Your content strategy will need to be distinct for each magazine you deal with. It must be different in terms of topic choice, target audience choice, and post formatting. This is the only step you can skip.

  • You could try out guest posting

If you want to see any genuine results from guest posting, you must fully commit to it. It is not a side technique you can “dabble in” here and there. You must post frequently if you want to maintain all of your current connections. And, you must continue striving for higher goals if you want to see bigger and better outcomes. Every content you publish ought to be authentic and of the greatest caliber. That takes commitment and a sizable amount of time.

  • Your effort is done when the post is published

In my experience, many supporters of guest blogging hold this misconception. You could believe your work is finished once it appears online. Because it takes a lot of labor to get a piece published. If you want to get even better results, you can still try advertising the post. There are always ways to get more value out of a piece of writing. So, engage with your readers, respond to their comments, and use both your personal and professional social media accounts to spread the word about your work.

I won’t claim that guest writing is a flawless strategy or that it benefits all businesses. But these misconceptions prevent many people from taking use of it.


Guest blogging is a form of content marketing that entails creating and publishing an article or parts for other websites. Your name appears in the byline of these articles. The editor of the website (or publication) typically identifies you as a “contributor” or “guest author.” 

Therefore, this article’s main focus was on guest posting and how it affects SEO. Guest blogging is essential for promoting a website and gaining backlinks. You must thus accept!

Let’s be seen!

This year, increasing your visibility through guest writing may help you, and it has several benefits. You can grow as a content creator along the road, expand your network of contacts, and meet fresh audiences.