Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools To Help You Grow

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has already established its position in today’s world. Gone are the days of traditional marketing. Big brands could easily defend their position by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in conventional marketing and acquiring more customers. But digital marketing made it easy for small to medium businesses to take part in the race and come out on top. It allowed business owners to invest intelligently and achieve greatness with a smaller budget. Now, digital marketing has surpassed traditional media. It is much more effective and brings more significant results. 

Here’s the problem. Many marketers know that they have to work on their digital marketing techniques, but they don’t know how to. For example, a business owner might be doing great with social media. Still, they may not be achieving the same results with SEO, email marketing, etc. Mastering the art of digital marketing is not an easy feat. You have to do a lot of research and analyze the multitude of options you have to make the right decision. You have to know the right combination, as every technology aids various business requirements. Your efforts in social media management will help bring more viewers to your website. And will aid with your search engine optimization efforts and will affect your organic reach. You will become more visible, more trustworthy, and it will translate into higher sales. It all comes together neatly if you know what to do. For example, you may understand the importance of SEO. Still, you might not be aware of the importance of keyword research, backlinks, and so forth. 

Worry not, as we will share some tools that you can use to manage your digital presence.

1. SEMrush for SEO

SEMrush is a useful tool out there for beginners as well as experts. With it, you can run, analyze, and modify all your SEO campaigns. That’s not all. You can also use SEMrush for your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns as well as for content marketing. It also allows you to conduct a site audit and provides tools for your on-page optimization. You can use it for keyword research. You can find the most relatable short-tail and long-tail keywords and do competitor analysis to see what keywords they are targeting. The best part about it is that it is incredibly user-friendly, and you don’t need to be an expert in utilizing it.

2. Buffer for Social Media

In the beginning, there was just Facebook. Then came Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and a plethora of others. We all know that depending on our target audience’s platforms, we have to select the relevant social media platforms. Not all your users are going to be on one platform. It can be a hassle for entrepreneurs and small business owners as they might not have the workforce to manage all those platforms. And if they are doing it all themselves, they might not have the time or the training to do so. That’s where Buffer comes into play. Buffer is a comprehensive tool to help you market and manage your social media needs. You can quickly draft your social media posts, manage them across multiple channels, and schedule them easily. You can create your entire month’s posts and schedule them to save time.

3. Canva for Graphics

Undoubtedly, the world is becoming more and more visual. It means that you have to create top of the line graphics for your social media posts, blogs, and more. If you lack experience in this matter, don’t worry, as Canva will suffice. It has predefined templates for almost all your visual needs. Whether you want to create your Facebook profile picture, logo, pamphlet, cover photo, or anything else, you can effectively do it with Canva. You can also create visually pleasing presentations, banners, and more. 

4. Commun.It for Twitter

Twitter is a powerful social media app for social engagement. It is especially true for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to connect with their audience one-on-one and increase their reach and visibility. If you’re going to consider a tool for managing your Twitter campaigns, let it be this one. It also enables you to increase your Twitter presence as well as automate it. You can easily enhance your social management by finding out when you are mentioned, who is following you, and who isn’t. 

5. FollowerWonk for Twitter

FollowerWonk is a great way to follow others and connect with influencers while increasing your following as well. It enables you to find potential followers and influencers. You have to connect with influencers and interact with them before you ask them for an endorsement. It also helps you keep an eye on competitors.

6. BuzzStream for Influencer Marketing

We all know how vital influencer marketing is for our brands. They are now more critical than celebrities. If you want to connect with influencers, you need to know who they are in the respective niche. Buzzstream can help you find them and collaborate with them to tap into your potential audience.

7. Hootsuite for Multiple Channels

Hootsuite is one of the most popular and in-demand tools out there. You can store and schedule your social media content on multiple platforms. You can track the performance of your content and calculate the ROI and conversions. You can also monitor public conversations related to a specific keyword.


Saying that digital marketing is the one thing that can take you to the top or bring you down is the understatement of the century. We have to realize that managing your digital marketing campaigns is not as easy as you might think. Using these tools can enhance your overall effort and ensure that you gain a competitive edge.

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