Top Trends In Mobile App Development For 2021

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The first-ever smartphone, that was launched in 1994, IBM Simon was a joint venture between the International Business Machines Corporation and Bellsouth. IBM Simon also had preloaded features such as a calculator, contact book, etc. 

From that day onwards, app development has only grown and become more popular. Today mobile apps have become an integral component of our lives, helping us complete our daily tasks with just a click. Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store provide us with numerous apps that can be divided into different categories according to our needs and usage. 

If you are a business seeking to invest in mobile app development companies, the article is for you. We have collated the top trends in mobile app development that can affect your business goals in 2021 and that you should keep in mind:


  1. Arrival Of 5G
  2. Machine Learning And Artificial intelligence
  3. On-demand Apps
  4. Apps Related To Flip Phone
  5. Instant Apps
  6. Wearable Apps
  7. Location-tracker Apps


Arrival Of 5G:

Big smartphone companies such as Samsung have already launched smartphones with 5G enabled features. In a couple of years, 5G will be set as a new standard to determine the speed of the internet. 

Thus, without a doubt, 5G technology is going to have a tremendous influence on mobile application development companies and how they make use of the new opportunities to explore, build new platforms, and create apps. With the introduction of 5G games, advanced traits such as augmented reality and other high-end 3D applications will also gain ground. The speed of the new generation technology helps you get through anything way much faster. For example, playing games like 22Bet sign up bonus becomes much more easier and convenient for the users.

Machine Learning And Artificial intelligence:

Many incidents of data breaches and cyberattacks in the mobile app sector have kept the IT staff ‘on alert’. App development companies in Sydney and all over the world have started to give utmost importance to the safety of reserved data in a business app. 

Advancement in ML and AI will be of great help as both of these are currently being used to bring down the misuse of information on the internet. With added features such as face detection and voice recognition proficiency (two-factor authentication) driven by ML and AI, the app development companies can assimilate high-level security details.

On-demand Apps:

On-demand apps are not a new concept for us. Their demand has increased steadily over the years but peaked during this difficult time of the pandemic. Research has stated that on-demand apps attract more than 22.4 million consumers every year

Entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to exploit the growing admiration of on-demand apps are recommended to consult the leading on-demand app companies. Mobile app development companies Chicago help businesses to convert their on-demand service or products-related ideas into a customer-friendly mobile-based model. 

Apps Related To Flip Phone:

Flip phones were long gone but made a comeback in 2020, and now it seems they are here to stay! The major advantage of a flip phone is that it can be expanded and compressed according to the wish of the user. 

Thus, for mobile application development companies, it would be crucial to design and develop customized apps that fit into the criteria defined by flip phones. Though these phones have just entered the market, their great demand among consumers suggests that apps tailored specifically or adaptable to flip phones will become an urgent need.

Instant Apps:

One of the major trends to look out for in 2021 is Android Instant apps. These apps allow you to use the basic functions of the application without the need of installing the application on your mobile phone or any other device. 

They give you the privilege to download them after checking out and testing their primary features. Instant apps are expected to become an integral component of digital marketing and will surely press forward in 2021. App development companies in Sydney are well-known for developing Instant apps with amazing UI/UX design. 

Wearable Apps:

The advancement of technology and the spike of Industrial IoT in areas such as hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing has brought many thorough transitions to the wearable application domain. 

It is expected that with the rising popularity of wearable gadgets such as smartwatches, ear-worn devices, etc., the wearable apps will get a further leap in 2021. According to a study, the US market for wearable smart devices will grow by more than 15 percent. Mobile app development companies Chicago are offering up-to-date wearable application support services to improve user experience.

Location-tracker Apps:

With on-demand apps gaining wide acceptance, users’ locations can be assessed to provide them the needed services. 

By gathering data about the users’ demographics, it is easy for businesses to attract their target audience according to location and improve upon their trade practices. Location-tracking apps in the future might even be used by mobile application development companies to run area-specific retailing campaigns for clients. 


A Few Final Words

Keeping aside these trends, AR, VR, and payments through mobile applications are bound to remain the center of attention in the application development domain.

IoT-enabled apps will also gain traction among entrepreneurs. With a significant rise in numerous applications on both the Play Store as well as the Apple Store, it can be anticipated that future applications will be equipped with characteristics based on these trends.

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