4 Types of Web Hosting and How to Choose The Best One?

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4 Types of Web Hosting and How to Choose The Best One?

A very important aspect, which we often do not pay the attention it deserves, is the choice of web hosting. Web hosting for its translation into English.

If we do not have much idea, we leave this choice to the provider, and if we have a minimum of the idea, we usually resort to the cheapest one…We will see the different types of web hosting and some tips when choosing the best hosting for your website.


What is web hosting?

Basically it is about space or “place” where you are staying, redundancy worth, a website, such as a blog or e-commerce so that anyone with internet access can see it.

You have to keep in mind that to define you can find a relatively extensive list of synonyms, such as: hosting (as we’ve said above), hosting or web hosting among others.


Types of web hosting

4 Types of Web Hosting and How to Choose The Best One?

  1. Shared hosting

Your website will be hosted on a server to share among many other pages. Often too many…

Since we will be sharing the same machine among many pages, our website will be able to pay “the sins” of those other pages.

It may be the case that a page with which we are sharing a server, suffers an attack or has a programming error and either impairs performance or directly brings down the server.

It is the cheapest type.


  1. VPS (Virtual Private Server)

It is the intermediate step between shared and dedicated hosting.

We did not get to have a machine just for us, but we did have a reserved space, with resources dedicated only to us.

Currently, they are quite cheap, the problem we find is that most of the time we will have to be in charge of configuring and maintaining the server, so if we do not know about server administration we will have to contract that service separately.


  1. Dedicated server

It is the Ferrari of web hosting.

The best solution if we want to have maximum control of what exists in our machine and seek maximum performance.

Like VPS, we will have to be in charge of administering the server.

As its name indicates, we will have a machine just for us. We will have all the available resources.

It is the best option if we have a website with many visits and/or very demanding resources.

Of the types mentioned above, it is the most expensive.

You can choose a windows virtual server or an Azure WVD(it is costly but worth for money!)


  1. Cloud hosting, the new kid on the block

4 Types of Web Hosting and How to Choose The Best One?

There is currently a new offer in the web hosting market. The cloud hosting.

You can also check some excellent hosting options on howshost.com.

To quickly understand cloud hosting, we must think that our website will not be on one server but on many servers.

The cloud hosting is a network of servers designed to provide maximum stability.

The resources will be shared between several machines so that if one fails, there will always be another that responds, offering maximum stability.

They are also very scalable hostings, that is, that at any time we can demand more resources for our website if we need it.

The problem is usually the price and configuration options, although more and more companies are betting on it and little by little we will see an adjustment in prices and more facilities for its administration.


To Summarize

If you are thinking of setting up an online business with which to earn income, you must carefully analyze all the types of web hosting there are so that you can select the one that best meets your needs. 

If you need a secure hosting for your government organization then you can use Azure Gov cloud and Microsoft Government Cloud.

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