Here’s How to Stop Receiving Unwanted Robocalls and Texts

Imagine the peace and quiet.
Here’s How to Stop Receiving Unwanted Robocalls and Texts

If your purpose in life called on you as much as debt collectors and robocallers did, your life would be different right now.

Life without debt collectors and telemarketers.

Imagine the peace and quiet.

Never again would your heart rate be sent from zero t

100 after a mere call.

In pursuit of your happiness, here is some advice to stop those pesky and unwanted robocalls and texts.



Where is this nonsense coming from?

There are few answers to that question.

In some cases, possibly yours, a legitimate debt has been accrued.

Once that debt goes to collections, a collection agency initiates the collection process and so begins the calls.

Unfortunately, the majority of companies utilized abusive practices in collections, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was born.

The act basically says that there is a ton of evidence of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many debt collectors, and its purpose is to eliminate that element.

In any case, if the calls that you receive are the result of unpaid debt, try and resolve it.

Once your collection account closes, their job completes.

In many more other cases, the calls are not legitimate, and the callers are scammers that obtained your information illegally.

The calls could be an indication that you are a victim of identity theft.

Try this tool, whose number is this, to see who is calling you.

This site can also be used to lookup email addresses, run background checks, and search criminal records for free.

Report what you uncover to the federal communications commission (FCC).



Block them all!

Yes, you can do that.

Call blocking consists of technologies or devices that can stop a lot of the undesired calls you get—like scam calls and illegal robocalls—before they reach you.

Mobile phones, landlines, and home phones that use the internet (VoIP) all have call-blocking options.

The catch, call-blocking services do block some legitimate calls.

Companies also offer call labelling, services that highlight incoming calls as spam on your phone’s display.

Then you can decide whether to answer the call or not. Not.

Start with your phone and see what built-in functions it has to block unwanted calls.

One sure-fire way to prevent undesirables from getting through is to save them in contacts and block them from within your phone directly.

Yup, just like your Ex. Storing someone under DNA (Do Not Answer) and blocking them is like the double padlock of electronic social distancing.

You’ll likely have to block several numbers to block the calls since these criminals have thousands of digital masks and phone numbers that they hide behind.


Download a call-blocking app from the app store

One great way to block unwanted calls on a mobile phone is to download a call-blocking app.

A call-blocking app filters incoming calls based on data that it collects about callers and call origination.

Based on the information gathered in reports, the app determines if the phone call is likely illegal or a scam.

The app then intercepts those calls if necessary. Some apps are free, but others require purchase.

Enter “call blocking app” into the search query of your app store and review the best options.

We cannot encourage you to avoid paying back legitimate debt, but there are solutions to stop debt collection calls.

Namely, register with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Now, we’ve given you all of the other information to block callers because scammers don’t care if you are on the registry or not.

They want your money. However, reputable businesses generally adhere to the rule of law to avoid the penalties of the code as well.

You can check spam SMS details on short codes here.

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