Using a Collage Template VS Custom Design

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People say that a picture can paint a thousand words. What more if you can create a collage out of a couple of such images? After all, it’s really quite hard to choose a single photo to capture special events or candid moments. Thanks to the art of collage-making, you can now collate your personally handpicked photos according to your liking. Though others argue that this activity consumes a lot of resources, modern technology is here to make things more efficient. Why waste time when you can use a free collage maker online? In this feature, we will further discuss the perks of using a collage template over a custom design.

The Start is Usually the Hardest Part

You’re probably familiar with the term “creative block”. It’s that dreaded inability to find inspiration to start a particular creative pursuit — whether it’s a poem or a novel, a painting or a collage. It’s that hindrance that prevents you from transforming your visions into realities and tangible output that you can be proud of.

And with this, most websites that offer a free collage maker online also provide ready-made templates to help their users overcome this block. As many of them are art enthusiasts themselves, they know how starting a collage is usually the most challenging part. Now, how do you begin decorating a blank digital canvas? Which layout works best for your collage? 

With a collage template, you’ll now have a blueprint of how your piece will look like. Compared to starting from scratch, selecting a template will help spark some inspiration and ultimately guide you to create a collage that evokes one’s spirit.

Different Options to Choose from for Your Free Collage Maker Online

Are you creating a collage to memorialize a certain occasion like a birthday or an anniversary? Or are you using this kind of artwork to promote a business event or a brand-new product? 

A free collage maker online has a plethora of templates that allow you to choose the design, layout, and aspect ratio most suitable for your intent or goal. This variety is especially helpful for first-timers or those who don’t usually consider themselves “artsy” but want to create their own collage nonetheless. 

And to combat the so-called “option paralysis”, many developers present the templates in a categorized manner. Collage websites are also equipped with search tools.

Collage template

Quality Results Minus the Time

Above all, a free collage maker online can reduce the time you spend creating collages — as stated, you can skip that challenging phase of coming up with the optimal layout for your images. With the help of templates, the process of combining photos and adding embellishments has never been more seamless. 

But to ensure that your final output will be of high quality, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Take the time to research which collage maker offers the template you’re looking for
  • Select a template that would accommodate the number of photos you want to use
  • Consider how many photos you want to highlight for your collage. Choose a layout that can highlight these images. Such layout lets photos complement and not “overpower” each other
  • Make sure that the template’s theme is suited for the photos you want to include
  • Mind the aspect ratio of your collage template. If you want to create a collage you can frame and put on your desk, choose an appropriate size for it. If it’s a collage-type poster, make sure that the template can be imported as a high-resolution printable). 

By taking these into account, it will be easier for you to decide on the template for your business. Your objective of making collages efficiently will only be futile if you will select an inappropriate template and redo your project afterward. 

It’s Not Devoid of Personal Touch 

There are those who argue that templates can cause users to arrive at similar-looking collages. Though collages can be templated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be sprinkled with personal touches that make your final output a standout. 

When you use a free collage maker online, you will have access to different tools that allow you to customize their ready-made layouts. You can resize your photos, add text for personalized messages, and jazz it up with icons, stickers, borders, and other embellishments. As mentioned, the purpose of using a template is to give you a blueprint. It doesn’t take away that freedom to “remodel” it according to your needs or preferences. 

But just bear in mind that when customizing templates, you have to be careful not to go overboard. You have to have an eye that can discern if you are already adding too much to your collage. Templates are designed to help you keep that balance. You might not want to put their developers’ efforts to waste by initially using a template and end up with a poorly orchestrated collage.

What Matters Most is to Know Your Purpose

Collages are a highly flexible and versatile kind of artwork. They can be used either for personal or commercial purposes. With the right layout and design, they can successfully tell stories and exude the vibe you have initially in mind. 

In short, while using a free collage maker online can help make the process of collage-making more time-efficient, you can only produce great ones if you have a clear purpose from the get-go. Templates are here to discipline the craft. However, it all boils down to you being decisive about what you want to make.







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