VA Task Manager: how to optimise virtual assistants job with a single tool

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In a world of technological advances and increasing workloads, effective task management and communication with clients are becoming essential elements of successful operations. Virtual assistants are irreplaceable business supporters who are always looking for new methods to optimise their job in order to achieve better results. 

Virtual business assistants perform many tasks on a daily basis and directly influence the efficiency of their manager, as well as manage a large number of different assignments. However, all of these workflows require systematicity to complete tasks seamlessly. 

In this article, we will talk about how a virtual assistant can manage daily tasks better and open new opportunities for you to improve your productivity. 

How can a virtual assistant manage their daily tasks?

Tasks and to-do lists are often scattered across multiple tools and applications, making it difficult to complete them efficiently and maximise the speed at which information is delivered. VA Task Manager changes this picture by providing a unique opportunity to create tasks and lists right in the Chrome extension via the Telegram Web. This integration of a familiar messenger and a task tracker makes the process of planning and managing tasks much easier, as there is no need to spend time switching between different project management apps. All the information is at your hand, which reduces time costs and allows you to focus on the work itself, rather than on searching for the necessary information. Plus, with VA Task Manager you can save up to 20 hours of time per month. 

The extension is completely free for all new users! Try it out at:

How to optimise your instant messenger for better performance and get the most out of it?

Messengers are an essential part of virtual assistants’ work, but how to make them even more efficient and is it possible to combine messenger and task list in one place? Today, Telegram Messenger is one of the most convenient and secure messengers, which is noted to be used by virtual assistants in their daily work. 

But did you know that messenger can be used not only as a way of instant communication, but also as a tool for task management? 

VA Task Manager extension offers a unique solution – to transform an ordinary messenger into a tool for work activities. If you’ve had the occasional lost task within multiple chats or if you spend too much time on workflow design, this extension will help you create a task in one click and save it in the same chat where it was created and whose context is being discussed in real time. In-app features allow you to integrate your current tasks and work chats within messenger, creating a unified workspace without unnecessary distractions. There’s no need for you to use complex project management systems anymore. Because their basic functionality is already at your side in Telegram. That’s how easy it is!

How can a virtual assistant make the process of communicating with a client more convenient? 

Communication with clients is a crucial aspect of virtual assistants’ job. VA Task Manager simplifies this process by allowing clients to install the extensions on their Telegram Web messenger account and collaborate on tasks together, allowing for a more convenient interaction and transparent workflow. The extension facilitates collaboration and information sharing in a common way. Clients always see the progress status of tasks, which eliminates the need for additional reporting, and work results can be easily attached to the corresponding task. Ultimately, this work organisation process builds trust between the assistant and the client. 

Quick responses to client enquiries are a key aspect of a successful communication between the client and the virtual assistant. The extension will notify you of new messages and task updates in real time. Allowing you to respond to changes and customer requests in a timely manner and increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

How can virtual assistants keep each client’s project separately without using a lot of different tools?

Often assistants have to work with several clients at the same time. And efficient task keeping is the key to success. However, you may be working with several clients at the same time. And for each project you should have space to save information independently of each other. VA Task Manager solves this problem by providing the ability to separately keep details from each client. Because now you can manage tasks separately right in chats. You no longer need to create new sheets and boards. Or search for the right documents, all project tasks are available in relevant chat rooms. 

The convenience of task tracking via Telegram Messenger does not come at the expense of security. VA Task Manager protects each customer’s data, preventing unauthorised access to information. You can rest assured that their data is well protected by encrypted instant messenger.

Task tracker in a handy format – tasks are always on sight

VA Task Manager has all the necessary features for effective performance of virtual assistants, despite its simplicity. The extension includes tasks and deadlines setting, lead time estimation and other key project management features. All of this is available in an intuitive interface. The extension will help you not to be distracted by switching from one tool to another. 

All you need to do is install the extension in your Chrome browser. And start managing tasks in a simpler way, combined with easy communication in a familiar instant messenger. It takes 30 seconds to install and very easy to start using on a daily basis. 

As a result, Focus Code offers not only convenient. But also organised and secure storage of information from each customer separately. This allows virtual assistants to manage data more efficiently, focus on their work and improve customer relations. No more worrying about where information is stored – it’s always there, conveniently accessible.

Read more and get free access to the extension at


In a world of ever-changing demands, it is important to have tools that allow you to be more productive. VA Task Manager becomes a true virtual assistant ally by providing unique features of combining messenger and task list. Managing tasks, communication with clients. And other features for better task implementation make VA Task Manager an indispensable tool for virtual assistants.


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