How to Select The Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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How to Select The Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Earphones are always in demand for everyone. Since technology advanced, earphones evolved, from wired ones to wireless. Bluetooth on our phone was the key element for this evolution. This progress enhanced the durability of the earphones. Earlier, the speaker of the wired ones didn’t function after a time. But, the wireless ones are much more durable. Some wireless earphones are waterproof, making it an ideal option for sports and fitness enthusiasts. You can plug it and have a long run, or swim without any worry of sweat dripping over it. Below listed are some key features, one should look at while buying the best waterproof wireless Bluetooth earphones


The version of your Bluetooth

It’s always better to know the Bluetooth version of your earphone.

Since technology upgrades daily, many modifications are done.

Each version of Bluetooth has some unique features.

The more the number, the more advanced is the specifications.


Bluetooth v4.1 is better than Bluetooth v4.0 for:

  • A better correlation with the 4G connection.
  • Smarter connectivity features by automatic connection and no need for reconnecting from time to time. 
  • Data transfer is much compatible and quick, helps in easy streaming.


Why Bluetooth v4.2 an advanced option?

  • It has higher Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, enabling the transfer of data smoothly, over the internet. You can stream without any noise crackling. 
  • The LE secure connections and privacy maintains confidentiality and the chance of getting hacked are negligible.
  • It has better speed than the other versions, 10 times greater.

Bluetooth Touch Control Hifi Earphones and Xiaomi Air Bluetooth Earphones have Bluetooth v4.2. This will support other recent versions of Bluetooth too.


Battery Life

It is an important feature one needs to seek for buying the best wireless earphones.

Since it’s wireless, you need to charge and then use it, for your purposes.

You will prefer one which will work through your day or long hours and do not require frequent charging.

A single charge for half an hour or hour should suffice at least 5 to 6 hours.

Also, you need to see the standby time as sometimes you may forget to switch it off. 

It’s always advisable to look for the battery life in the review section than in the features.

You will get a clear and better understanding of it in reality. 

Sports Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones have playtime for continuous 8 hours with one-time for 30 minutes.

Hands-Free Bluetooth Mobile Phone Earphones, whereas supports for 6 hours, but requires 2 hours of charging. 


Working Distance Compatibility

How to Select The Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth Earphones do not involve any wires and hassle-free.

So, it does not involve carrying your phone everywhere in your pocket while you are doing your chores.

You can keep the phone in your drawing room and clean your house, listening to some energetic track.

To ensure that working distance matters. 

When you are in your gym, you don’t prefer to keep the phone with you.

But, you prefer to listen to some tracks, so more the working distance, better is your experience. 

Running Bluetooth Ear Hook Phone Earphones offers 10m of working distance, an ideal distance.

You can stay connected always in your house as well as in the gym.


Frequency Response Range

If you are a music enthusiast, you may be aware of this term.

For a sound generated, the range of bass, mids, and treble is called the frequency response range.

Human ears are audible up to 20Hz to 20,000 Hz, less or greater than it is not audible.

So, most of the earphones have such a frequency response range. Hands-Free Earphones have such a frequency response range.

Sometimes, some earphones offer a frequency response range of up to 35,000 Hz.

Human ears cannot listen to more than 20,000Hz, so it will be a waste.

Also, the quality of sound, due to much higher frequency, may deteriorate. 


Active Noise Cancellation 

Who wants unwanted noise while listening to music?

Noise can be very much disgusting and irritate our ears as well as to our brain cells.

Music without noise is always preferred as it soothes our mind and your experience becomes better.

The best wireless earphones have this property of active noise cancellation.

It removes unwanted sound or noise by the addition of a second sound.

Bluetooth 4.1 Earphones have this property and the experience while listening is satisfying. 

Due to increasing noise pollution for vehicles, mics, and other factors, this property is a relief.

Heart patients too can use it as it will help them to feel at ease. 


Sensitivity of Earphones

How to Select The Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Like noise cancellation and frequency response range, the sensitivity of earphones matter.

It measures the loudness of earphones to a level from a certain source and calculated in terms of decibels of Sound Pressure Level per Milliwatt (dB SPL/mW). 

Human ears have sensitivity from 80 dB SPL/mW to 125 dB SPL/mW only.

It can work in between this range, but not lower or higher than it.

Most of the earphones have sensitivity in between or closer to the highest value in the given range.

Sports Stereo Wireless Earphone has a sensitivity of 110 dB SPL/mW.

It enhances the sound quality to a greater extent. It is much more friendly for the ears. 


Material for Waterproof Quality

Waterproof earphones are the best wireless earphones. Why? 

  • The durability of an earphone increases when it is waterproof. Normal earphones that are not so can get easily damaged due to continuous soiling by repetitive use. The longevity hence decreases and you need to change your earphones frequently. 
  • It is an ideal option for outdoor activities. When you go hiking or camping, due to a lot of sweat, your earphones become wet. Salt and soil deposition can easily damage it. Waterproof ones don’t allow the deposition of such things. Also, when you are in your gym, this type of earphone suits well. 


These types of earphones are mainly made of plastic.

Plastic is the best material for making such earphones and metals not. Why?

  • It is not reactive at all, while metals are quite reactive ones. It reacts with the salts present in the sweat and affects the sound quality. 
  • It allows easy flow of water and hence no such deposition occurs. Metals, on the other hand, cannot allow such easy flow.

Sports Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are entirely made of plastic, there is no presence of silicone and any other metal. It offers higher durability than the others.


Understanding the Resistance

Any electrical device that is present in our home offers resistance to the flow of current.

Earphones too generate resistance to the current, which is generated by the amplifier of the earphones, it is generally called impedance. 

The resistance varies from as low as 8 ohms to 600 ohms. It can double or triple as per the frequency of the transducer.

More resistance generation sometimes hampers the power generation of the amplifier. 

Sports Waterproof Wireless Earphones offer resistance up to 72 ohms, a suitable one so that the amplifier is not affected, avoiding unnecessary power generation. 


Style and Comfort

Electronic gadgets

Style defines your personality at first glance.

You always prefer to maintain your look and go with the trend. Nobody wants to leave out the latest fashion and prefers to be within it.

As style plays a key role in your life, comfort comes in hand to it.

If you are not comfortable enough with your style or the ongoing trend, then the discomfort will be felt by others too.

Comfortability should be prioritized more than style.

Once you are comfortable, you are confident enough. 

Earphones, the wireless ones mainly, come in various styles, like in the form of earbuds, on the ear, over the ear, or open back. 

  • The earbuds are made of rubber and quite flexible. The quality of the rubber matters as it may cause irritation and allergies to some. The good quality ones are always preferable to buy. Generally, the rubber ones are waterproof.
  • On the ear and over the ear ones have a wire at the back and below are the control options. It is very comfortable to use and elderly people too can use it.
  • Open back ones just consist of two earplugs either of metal or plastic. The look is very trendy, but some may feel it a bit uncomfortable. The control options are a bit complicated. 

Before buying the waterproof wireless earphone of your choice, you see the above-mentioned properties.

The Bluetooth version of your earphone plays an important role.

It’s better to buy the latest version as it can support the latest phones on the market.

The battery backup is also crucial for efficient working.

For better and enhanced quality, frequency response range, active noise cancellation, and sensitivity are crucial. 


Wrap Up

The best wireless earphones offer suitable resistance for better streaming.

The waterproof quality depends on the material used for its manufacture.

Also, the style and comfort need to be considered before buying and no matter what, comfort should come first.


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