Top Web Design Trends of 2020

Without a proper layout, it can be tough to attract people to visit your website.
Top Web Design Trends of 2020

Web designing is not as easy as you think. Web design is used to attract people to visit their web page. We can say that web design is on par when it comes to innovation. Without a proper layout, it would be hard to attract people to visit your website. You can’t stay behind with the trends since they are always getting up. No matter what business you do, trends must be followed. If you don’t know where to watch for the trends, you might consider following some professional companies like the best web design company in Miami that tries to stay updated with all the trends on the market. There are a lot of web design trends in 2019 that the designer used it as their guide.

These are the tips and guidelines that will continue to innovate in the year 2020.


1. Bold Colors and Simple Layouts

As a web designer, colours are used to shapen the design of a website. You cannot attract people if your web design is consists of a simple black and white colour.

Using bright and bold colours will grab the attention of people. If your website is all about business products, you need to make a simple but have bold colours for your web design.

The successful top e-commerce business used the essence of simple design on their product and website. The web design should blend on what kind of product you are selling.

If your product is about authentic watches, you should avoid using many colours in your web design. Stick to a simple and elegant design that would blend with your selling product.


2. Bigger Fonts and Elements

The purpose of having a reliable web design on a website is to attract people to visit your webpage.

To communicate clearly with the people who visit your webpage, bigger font and prominent elements is the need for your web design.

You need to use reliable software that can adopt any tools that would help you to make a better web design.

With enlarge elements that are eye-catching to the people, you can increase your visitor by two to five folds with your current expectation.

The important thing about web design is to relay the information to the public. You need to keep in mind that using many elements at once and smaller font can be counterproductive as a result.


3. Smart CSS Grids

In the past decades, web design is concentrating on desktop-friendly users alone. Now, web design is crossing on creating a mobile-friendly user as well.

Web designers need to find a way to execute their web design for both mobile and desktop environments.

Smart CSS Grids is a tool to have a flexible and responsive design for both mobile and desktop.

With the CSS grid, the web design that you made is adaptable for both mobile and desktop environments with different versions.

The CSS grid help’s the user to have a high-quality web design without the restriction of size and type of device that you are currently using.


4. Integrated GIFS, Animation, And Dynamic Illustration

Animation in web design has hit the wall because it’s taking a lot of time to load the webpage.

Now, technology has catch-up when it comes to innovation. The animation, dynamic illustration, and GIFS would be a trend in 2020 for web designs. 

When it comes to animation, there is a way to reduce the load time of a web page when you have an animation design in your website. 

You can use mouseover effects that would not affect the performance of the website. Animation and GIF is a better way to illustrate the information that you want to rely on your webpage visitor.


5. Asymmetric Layouts

Most of the websites are into symmetric layouts and preferred playing safe when it comes to web design.

In late 2019 and possible in 2020, the asymmetric layout would be a hit when it properly adopts in the web design category.

The use of asymmetric layouts are increasing as it makes the design look flourish, enthusiasm, and unbalance but elegant to look.

Personal websites are leaning towards the asymmetric layout as they perceive it as a unique and assertive design.

The asymmetric layout would not fit for the live selling website. People would find it annoying as live selling is different than an informational website. The key to a successful asymmetric layout would be the balance in design.


6. Hand Drawings

Hand Drawings

Many webmasters realize the potential of a hand-drawn animation that would add a unique character to a webpage.

Most of the designers are using a software tool for a perfect vector line for their animation.

It’s easy to draw with the help of the software rather than hand-drawn elements. Not all designer is capable of a hand-drawn character.

The custom illustrations and bold typography are better than a hand-drawn element.

You might wonder why a hand-drawn design would trend this coming year 2020?

People will more appreciate the hard-work design rather than a custom illustration.

The enlightenment and engagement of hand-drawn are better than custom illustrations.


7. Voice Interface

Today’s era is composed of high-end technology. With the innovation of high-end technology, people are looking for a new concept that might pique their interest.

With the virtual assistant that is available in the market like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, they lean more on voice-over rather than a text.

The mobile device is small and crowded. The voice interface can assist the user in the delivery of the content.

The voice interface support is available on the mobile device as well as the desktop platform.

It had a slow pace at the beginning, but today, the innovation of voice interface has exceeded our expectations.


8. Contextual and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Top Web Design Trends

The artificial Intelligence is making noise when it comes to technology innovation. They apply the AI in robotics, social media chatbots, and web design.

The future of web design is likely to fall on contextual technology with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The essence of creating a web design is to attract people to visit your website.

You need to engage the query of your visitor to know what is their purpose for visiting the website.  The chatbot is one of the solutions for human interaction without human intervention.

The trend of web design in 2020 is to include the contextual technology and AI to your web design plan.


9. Dynamic Respond Landing Page

The most website trend in the year 2020 for web designing is the landing dynamic page response.

Adding a page response to your web page will attract more visitors to your page.

With the landing response page on your website, you can make your visitors stay a little bit longer to your site.


10. Split Screen Content

The web design trends that will make a breakthrough this coming year 2020 is the split-screen content design for your website.

The split-screen content will break the custom design that was used by most of the web designers.

With the unique architecture of the design, splitting the rectangular mold design into two would make your web design a little bit more interesting.


11. Hidden Navigation

Hidden navigation started its trend Wayback in the year 2017, and it will continue for more couple of years.

The hidden navigation allows you to save some space for your web content. Adding it with animation will attract the attention of your visitor.


12. Whitespace Design

Whitespace is not new when it comes to web design. It gives your website a spacious with a simple and elegant look.

Although you can use other colours aside from being white, the white backgrounds can adopt the content design that the web designer might think and apply.

The white space can give you breath when it comes to the content of the website.

With the highlighted context, the white background will not compromise the call-to-action element, legibility, font design, and the independent section.

Rather than comprise, it can create a pleasing appearance and elegant look.

Whitespace is more prominent when it mixes with images and animation design.

White represents the simplicity of web design. It will continue to trend in web designing for the next couple of yours.


12. 3D Digital Artwork

Top Web Design Trends

3D is a big hit not only in movies but also in the web design category. Mixing the web design with 3D can capture the eyes of the people towards your website.

The 3D concept design is not new for the web designer, but the use of the 3D concept has influenced the designing industry.

The 3D modelling design elements are used actively by many web designers. They cannot ignore the fact that the potential of 3D web design hit at its peak.

With the combination of proper colour and elements, it will enhance the concept of web designing.


14. Fullscreen Forms

The new trend of web design that would continue in the year 2020 is the fullscreen forms with spacious whitespace.

Online forms have a role in any business-related website. Filling up billing information, signing up for a service, delivery for the purchased item online, and many more.

With the fullscreen forms for web design, it may improve the experience of the user when filling up a form.  The process of filling and submitting form would be easier on the part of the visitor.



Web designing is not as easy as you think. You need to consider many things to create a design that would fit with the theme of your website.

The vital role of having a proper web design for your website is to attract people to visit your web page.

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