What Are The Top Five Features Of Liberty Air?

If you are looking for truly wireless earbuds then you don’t have to look and wander around because we have made your search easier with the best wireless earbuds. Featuring liberty air with active noise cancelation and immersive sounds to make you feel relaxed with your search. You will be getting incredible sound with these wireless earphones.

This article is made only to make your concepts clear about liberty air and other related information about you. You will learn about the 


What are the top 5 features of liberty air?

There are many unique and wonderful features of these wireless earphones. However, we will discuss only the top five of them. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Targeted active noise cancelation technology

These wireless earphones are made with targeted active noise cancelation technology to help you prevent undesirable tunes and sounds. You can skip the background harmful effects as well with these earbuds. 

  • 45% More bass with extra stiffness

These wireless earphones are coated with almost 10 extra hard casings and layers that are strong enough to handle the extra bass for your fun. You can use these earphones for their extra stiffness that is making them withstand difficult situations. 

  • Extended Playtime

You can use these earbuds for 7 hours without the need for any such recharge. Their extended Playtime and the presence of versatile charging are making these earbuds more trendy in this modern time. 

Additionally, these earbuds are made with a matchbox-sized charging case that is good enough to make these earbuds useful for almost 24 hours of playtime for you. 

  • Certified wireless chargers

Well, if we talk about the chargers of these earbuds, then we will come to know that their chargers are truly wireless. You will be getting hassle-free power to charge your earbuds at any time you want. 

What else would you need in your favorite pair of wireless earbuds? So, go get these earbuds for you to enjoy their amazing features at your fingertips. 

  • Ergonomically designed best fittings

These wireless earphones are made with the best-ever fittings that are ergonomically designed for your comfort and leisure. You will find the options to choose from the nine silicone ear tips that are available with these handy earbuds. 

Getting your hands on the right ear tips is all about your choice and needs. These ear tips are easy to wear in your ears with the best fittings features in them. 


In which color schemes liberty air is available?

Well, liberty air is available in many colors and combinations. You will be getting the following color choices with these wireless speakers. 

  • Crystal pink
  • Titanium white
  • Onyx black 
  • Sapphire blue
  • Crystal red

There are a few more color schemes that you will find in the world markets with these wireless 

earbuds. So, you can use any color that you want for your ears and your overall looks. 


If you are constantly wandering around the world markets and are still confused about what to buy for your ears and music enjoyment, then give a single try to liberty air wireless earbuds. We just hope that having these earbuds won’t be a regret for you. So, it would be good if you choose the one with your interest. 


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