What are the uses of Microsoft office online! Know About Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft office

Online office if your PC is installed. Using online can prove to be useful. Because it is free and you can upgrade it if you wish. And the biggest thing is that you know it from the beginning and no new information is required to learn it. And the biggest thing is that you can access it from anywhere or you can access the documents from anywhere, so know about it.


1. Office Online is Free Tool

This is a problem for most users that Microsoft Office seems expensive to them. They work with free solutions like Google Docs and LibreOffice. Now with the help of Office Online, you can use the office for free. Office apps are also similar. Whether you have paid or not, free users get 15 gigabytes of cloud storage. There are limitations like web document editors such as Google Docs in Office Online. This is not a complete version. Word’s advanced formatting option is not available in this. Can not insert video at PowerPoint Excel’s graphs have limitations. Here you can create, edit and open Word, Axle and PowerPoint files. You do not have to face any kind of problem in making files, working and re-opening them.


2. Real-Time Collaboration

Office added collaboration first year. Documents can be a real-time collaboration with an online office online. Documents created in it can be shared with others because they automatically store in OneDrive. Those users who have been allowed to edit can do real-time collocation.


3. Access Documents from Anywhere

The biggest advantage of Office Online is cloud storage. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that have been edited using the online interface, they are automatically saved in OneDrive. You can save files on local PC too. Obviously, it works like any other Cloud Productivity Service. According to Office 2013, the office did not come with OneDrive, so it was lacking for older office users. You can get cloud connectivity with the help of a paid upgrade. If you are satisfied with the office you have, then there is a need to do this. The office is free and immediately available online. That’s why it is perfect for users.


4. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Office 365 users can pay if office online wants to replicate the connectivity. Desktop apps are restricted to Windows and Mac. Office Online is available everywhere where the browser can run. Free apps for Android and iOS phones are also available. However, due to some reason, the iPad users will have to subscribe to Office 365 to take advantage of it. Office online is useful while keeping Android tablets, Linux PCs and Chromebooks along with the keyboard.


5. Use This Or Not

Microsoft Office Online Google Docs is neither good nor bad. It cannot be called the best online platform, but for those who are already connected to Microsoft’s ecosystem, this is the best option for them. Its interface is like desktop apps. There is no need to learn new tricks. It’s free and works fast. So you can use it.

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