What Software and Hardware Do Growing Businesses Need?  

When your business is growing, especially when it’s expanding at a rapid rate, you will need the right technology to make sure it’s a success. This is where software development companies step in. You need to be sure that you have reliable software for your business, and some development companies can create what you need. For example, you can take a look at the best Chicago software development companies that created many technologies to help other businesses. We understand that you might be overwhelmed by the different things that you might need, so we have created this guide to make that process much easier for you. Below you can read about three software and hardware solutions each that we believe is essential for a growing business. 




Chat Management Software


When working with other people, it is essential to be on the same page. That’s why it’s a good idea to implement some kind of chat management software that allows people to talk constantly about the same project, especially when they are not in the same physical space. There are lots of options available to implement from the internet, with most of them able to be accessed through your web browser. 


File Sharing Software


Sharing files is a huge part of any business. Being able to do that while all working on the same page can now be enabled with the installation of great file-sharing software. With the rise of cloud computing, you can be able to see which changes your colleagues have made in real-time, making coordination on projects a whole lot easier. Yet, with the possibility that these things can be hacked, it is recommended to install: 


Security Software 


As shown by the latest Microsoft hack, hackers are everywhere these days and they can get into almost everything. No matter how big or small your company is, or how important you believe the information you are sharing to be, they will be looking for ways to get into your business and steal your money. By installing strong security software you can build up firewalls and encryption tactics against them which will have you sleeping worry-free at night.  




Ethernet Port


An internet connection that you can rely on is a must. This is why it is essential to have a great ethernet port that connects everyone in your business to a strong WiFi network. Without this, it is likely that your business will slow down as a result of poor connectivity. Additionally, you will need a firewall that keeps your business safe. Thankfully, with sonicwallonline.co.uk, you can find a next generation firewall hardware system with up to 2GBs in UTM throughput, a perfect option for both small and medium size businesses. 


A Quality 3D Printer


Visualization in offices is changing. This is thanks to the rise of innovations like 3D printers, which have gone from a novelty to a must for every single office. With them you can print out models to make ideas much clearer, as well as printing out new parts if anything needs replacing. While they started out being quite expensive, now you can get a reliable model for between $200 and $500. 


High-Quality Webcams and Microphones 


Whether it’s communicating virtually with other team members, or getting in touch with potential clients, being able to make these conversations as smooth as possible is essential. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to invest in high-quality webcams and microphones for everyone in the office, so they can be seen properly and heard properly. It’s a little thing, but it will mean a lot in the long run. 

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