Whatsapp Functions that you were unaware about!

WhatsApp is a messaging app that we adore. Free cross-platform voice conversations, text messages, multimedia messages, and video messaging—not what’s to love? You’ve undoubtedly been using WhatsApp on your phone for a while. But you haven’t put much effort into developing it further. 

Continuous upgradation in Whatsapp’s features

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging systems in the world with more than 5 billion downloads. The company frequently makes intriguing updates that improve the consumer experience. Thanks to functions like quoting responses, cross-platform compatibility, end-to-end encryption, one-time media sharing, and many others; using WhatsApp’s messaging service is always pleasurable. Some users, however, are unaware of WhatsApp’s countless incredible features and fascinating perspectives. Even experienced WhatsApp users overlook or ignore these secret gems. Some features in the most recent versions are ones that people commonly overlook.

If you use WhatsApp and wish to enhance your experience there, keep reading. These are secrets that will make you appreciate the app has been. Bonus? You may customize your chats and even archive your most priceless exchanges. We spent some time exploring WhatsApp in-depth to find all of its special tips, tricks, settings, hacks, and hidden features.  

Privacy Features

  • Secretly Leave the WhatsApp group

Starting in August 2022, members of a WhatsApp group will be able to depart in secret without telling others. Instead, notifications will only be sent to admins. By doing this, you will fully avoid any drama or humiliation that comes with leaving a group. Also, you will avoid the typical DMs from people who ask why you left them. If you like to leave a gathering quietly, as this writer does, this function will be a great relief.

  • Choose Who Can View Your WhatsApp Activity

When WhatsApp first came out, it made your online status visible to everyone. Then it gave you the ability to hide your internet activity from everyone. After then, only people on your contact list and those you had previously messaged may see you online. More control over who may and cannot see your WhatsApp online status has been added.  

  • View Once Messages in WhatsApp: Blocking Screenshots

The popularity of the View Once or fade function is attributed to several factors. Not the least of which is the fact that it dramatically lowers the possibility of ex-lovers utilizing your private photos. However, there was always a chance that someone might take a screenshot of the image before it disappeared. WhatsApp will now allow screenshot blocking for View Once messages as an additional security measure. Currently, this functionality has been tested. A launch date has not yet been disclosed by WhatsApp.

Attractive features

  • Text Yourself

The WhatsApp Message Yourself function went live. The feature allows users to text themselves. According to the firm, WhatsApp users may now send themselves texts that act as reminders, to-do lists, or even moments. Users will be able to message themselves by tapping the chat icon. They will then choose their contact details from the list. The same techniques used to message other contacts also work here. Simple text messages, voicemails, and even photographs you send to yourself. The feature is an excellent way to help the user take notes.

  • Community Feature

The Communities feature of WhatsApp was unveiled on November 3. Communities like neighborhoods, schools, parents and employers can now join numerous groups under a single roof. It is to manage group chats on WhatsApp. The user will be able to stay informed by other community members from the many groups within the community. All of which share a common interest. Assisting “organizations in communicating with a level of confidentiality and privacy” is another way communities can help.

  • Larger gatherings, 32-person video calls, and in-chat polling

Along with Communities, three other WhatsApp features were also made available. Among these include the capacity to design polls in chat and a considerable upgrade to video chatting. It would now accommodate up to 32 users simultaneously. At the moment, groups are limited to 1,024 users. According to WhatsApp’s blog, all three of the new features will be “particularly useful for Communities.”

  • Improving voice messages

The voice messaging feature was updated in 2013. Those who prefer not to type messages can now swiftly and conveniently share audio notes. With the aid of the simply made feature, users can exchange more intimate and expressive talks as audio notes. WhatsApp claimed that end-to-end encryption is utilized to protect and maintain the privacy of the 7 billion voice communications.

The messaging platform added new features in March 2022 to improve the WhatsApp voice note experiences. These include:

  • A replay of a missed chat:

It allows you to listen to an audio message outside of the conversation while reading and replying to other messages.

  • Pause/Resume recording:

If you need to collect your thoughts, you can put off recording your voice message and resume it.  

  • Waveform illustration

A visual representation of the audio message is shown to show that a recording is being created.

  • Draft preview

You can listen to voicemails before leaving them for friends, family, or clients.

  • Consider the replay:

By tapping the pause button while listening to an audio message in a chat; you can resume where you left off using this capability.


How to Send a Message or Mute Someone in a WhatsApp Group Call

Want to reduce the annoyance of a WhatsApp group call? Now, each participant can get a different message or be muffled. WhatsApp group calls may be unorganized. Additionally, when the group size grows, pandemonium may get worse. When people are talking over one another and there are distractions, it may be difficult to maintain order. WhatsApp, however, provides a solution for that. The app allows you to mute and text particular users during group calls to reduce distractions. 

Do you wish to learn how? Continue reading this article to find out more.

You will be able to mute and SMS certain group call participants starting in June 2022 on WhatsApp. A group call at the time could only have a maximum of four individuals. But now, up to 32 people in a group at a time are supported by the app. Managing that many people at once can be difficult. Of course, anyone can choose to be silent, but occasionally they choose not to. On group calls in the past, you could only message one person at a time. If you wanted to SMS someone personally, you had to leave the group to start a conversation. Regardless of your location, WhatsApp now allows you to SMS a caller while in a group call. This encourages exchanging personal jokes and remarks. The ability to text or mute other participants can help the call run more smoothly.

How to mute a participant in a Whatsapp group called

It is simple and quick to silence a group call participant. But first, check to see if WhatsApp is updated on your phone. You can call other members of your group using the Call button in the upper-right corner of your screen. While the call is active, WhatsApp shows the Participants on your screen. Tap and hold a contact to mute them. Select Mute in the pop-up window that opens to end contact with the person of your choice. On the screen, the caller’s name will now be displayed along with the mute symbol. Although you can still hear a participant who has been muted, you won’t be able to see them. The same steps must be followed, then select Unmute to turn them off.

How to Send Someone a WhatsApp Group Call Message

You may easily SMS someone while on a WhatsApp group call. Start by selecting the Call button in the top-right corner of your screen. If there are more than two people on the call, their contact cards will appear on the screen. While they are on the phone, click and hold the Contact you wish to message. Tap Message in the next pop-up box. After this launches your existing chat window with them or starts a new one. You can text that person as usual. We would like to inform you that WhatsApp Web does not support group calls. This implies that the mute and message features mentioned in the article can only be utilized on mobile apps.

Whatsapp has become easier and more user-friendly. Its long-requested features make it more convenient and safer to use. There will be an upgrade to WhatsApp’s User interface. You will be able to List the names of the contacts you are sharing content with. Users will have the choice to choose new receivers before sending media files. You can upload an image, a video, or a GIF in chats as well as on your status.

Users could log out of their WhatsApp accounts using a function. It could be introduced this year across several platforms, similar to Facebook or Instagram.


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