Where to Get BTC Live Price?

Bitcoin BTC is the flagship crypto asset traded on all popular exchanges. In the process of trading or investing, users need to know the current BTC/USDT rate. In fact, this rate shows the live price of one Bitcoin in dollars. USDT is a stablecoin backed by the US dollar. One USDT is equal to one dollar.

Where can I get the Current BTC to USDT?

We recommend checking the BTC to USDT rate on credible crypto platforms:

  • WhiteBIT
  • Coinbase
  • Binance.

Officially operating crypto exchanges offer the most real crypto rate and provide security for your transactions.

Let’s see what Bitcoin live price depends on:

  • Market trends
  • General situation in the world (crisis, etc.)
  • Supply and demand
  • Expenses connected with mining BTC
  • etc.

In spring 2022, the BTC/USDT rate collapsed, starting a bearish trend in the market. Then the Bitcoin price fell to around $19,000. As of mid-September 2022, the BTC rate slightly recovered – $20,193. Maybe this is the right time to buy Bitcoins and hold them long-term. You can do it on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. This platform offers up-to-date BTC/USDT rates and charges low fees (0,10%).

The exchange is easy to handle for a novice trader. The interface can be customized according to your goals and needs. A beginner trader can practice buying Bitcoin on a demo account. The exchange offers a White Blog where you can learn more information on the crypto market and trading to feel more confident.

The platform offers the following features for advanced users: trading bots, futures, margin, leverage, staking, and many more profitable features.

WhiteBIT users can also acquire the WBT tokens, which give a lot of privileges to its owners, such as discounts on trading fees and access to additional products on the platform.

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